New FireWire Audio Interface from Behringer

Behringer has introduced and released to stores its first FireWire audio interface -- the F-Control Audio FCA202, designed for today''s mobile users who perform live, record at home, or have joined the Podcaster movement.

The compact, bus-powered Firewire audio interface provides stereo (or dual mono) 24-bit/96 kHz 1/4" inputs and outputs and a headphone output with dedicated volume control. The interface operates natively on the newer versions of Mac OS X and has drivers for Windows XP.

Music software maker Ableton, has created a special Live Lite 4 Behringer Edition, which comes with the F-Control Audio FCA202 to help users record their ideas. The Live Lite 4 Behringer Edition has an upgrade path to buy the full Ableton Live version at a very significant discount, directly from Ableton. The F-Control Audio FCA202 also comes with audio software, Kristal and Audacity.

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