New From HowAudio.Com: “Cubase 4: Essential Training” 8-Hour Tutorial Hosted By Steinberg Product Specialist

Steinberg’s Cubase is one of the top digital music creation, audio editing, sequencing and recording DAW’s available today. Designed for professional musicians, composers and audio engineers, Cubase 4 incorporates newly expanded features with an intuitively designed interface and seamless integration of external audio and MIDI compatible hardware that will speed up your workflow and boost creativity to new levels.

The “Cubase 4: Essential Training” tutorial features (8) hours of instruction with long-time Cubase user and Steinberg product specialist, Matthew Loel. T. Hepworth. Not only will it help beginners learn the basic fundamentals of Cubase with the HA! QuickSTART Overview, but more experienced power-users will benefit from Matthew’s invaluable real-world tips and coverage of advanced topics. Chapters include integration of external audio and MIDI hardware, real multi-channel surround sound, VST3 instruments and effects, Cubase’s Universal Sound Manager and Score Editor, notation and score printing, and more!

“Cubase 4: Essential Training” is available as a standalone DVD ($34.95), or become a member for $199/annually or $19/monthly and get complete access 24/7 to every tutorial in our library—over 1100 movies on 40 topics—presented by working music professionals who are experts in their respective fields.