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New audio and keyboard equipment
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Series of 4 percussion pads
$199 to $249 street

HIGHLIGHTS Playable with sticks, hands, fingers, and feet • WAV Pad plays imported files, with 4GB of flash memory and stereo output • Electro, Kick, and Percussion have built-in sounds and effects, mono output and import WAV files • USB MIDI • use on tabletop, floor, or stand (mounts included) • uses batteries or AC • headphone jack • power switch

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TARGET MARKET Musicians in the studio or onstage

ANALYSIS Each pad is targeted to a specific musical approach, yet designed to easily integrate into any situation.

Digital audio workstation

HIGHLIGHTS Multichannel export without a surround master • Batch XML processing for Watch folders • tempo automation • audio-to-MIDI • XYZ direct • new mixer skins • includes SpectraLayers Pro 4 for spectral editing • Celemony Melodyne Essential built-in • new docking options and project-management workflow • integration with Avid Pro Tools | S6 controller via EUCON and iOS app • zplane élastique Pro V3 update of time stretching/pitch shifting effects

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TARGET MARKET Professional studios, broadcast

ANALYSIS Plenty of new features for high-quality audio, mastering, postproduction, and broadcast work.

Virtual instrument

HIGHLIGHTS Sample-based drum machine made from 111 hardware instruments • 64-step sequencer • 160 patterns • MIDI drag-and-drop • 12 tracks, each with 3 discrete, editable layers and effects (kick and snare tracks have 2 layers plus a Tone layer) • master effects • use as 64-bit standalone via Falcon and UVI Workstation or as plugin • iLok authorization for up to 3 computers

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TARGET MARKET Beat producers, musicians

ANALYSIS A huge variety of classic-to-rare drum machines that can be combined and customized to a high degree.

Delay plug-in

HIGHLIGHTS Up to 16 minutes of delay • 7 delay modes (Classic Tape, Modern Instant, Pitch Shifter, Glitch Shifter, Multi-tap, Reverse, No Echo) • Sleep Buffer for looping • Feedback, X-Feed, and Diffusion parameters • step-sequencer modulator • highpass and lowpass filters • Soft Clip • Mid/Side width control • integrates with Roli Lightpad Block • supports AAX Native, AU, VST2, and VST3 • 14-day demo

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TARGET MARKET Producers, DJs, musicians

ANALYSIS Already more than a delay, this update gives you the tools to completely transform mono or stereo audio.

Studio desk

HIGHLIGHTS Birch-based desk with shelf for computer and audio monitors, as well as three sections of integrated rack space between the two levels • optional keyboard tray for an additional $150 • available in natural finish or Kodiak Brown stain for $100 extra • discrete cable routing • direct order only

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TARGET MARKET Composers, keyboardists, producers, DJs, and other musicians

ANALYSIS Designed to be a relatively low-cost solution for the personal studio, as well as small and informal recording and production setups.

Wireless, multidimensional MIDI keyboard-style controller

HIGHLIGHTS 24 “key waves” with five dimensions of touch—Strike, Glide, Slide, Press, Lift • play it on its own or with Lightpad Block, Live Block, Loop Block, the new Touch Block ($79), and additional Seaboard Blocks • bundled with Equator Player, Blocks Dashboard, Noise app, and a Max/MSP 3-month license • 200 sounds included

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TARGET MARKET Mobile music makers

ANALYSIS A remarkably affordable way to get a 5-dimensional Roli key-wave controller, with the ability to create customized performance setups using other Roli Blocks.

Equalizer plug-in

HIGHLIGHTS 6-band EQ based on British discrete Class-A sound • continuous frequency control • 2 shelves • 2 peak bands • highcut and lowcut • mic/line preamp simulation • A/B comparison • band-cue buttons • hardware transformer simulation • multilevel undo/redo • low CPU usage • available as 32-and 64-bit standalone, and AU, AAX, and VST plug-in • uses Overloud’s 4th generation DSP technology • free 14-day trial version

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TARGET MARKET Recording and mix engineers

ANALYSIS A Neve-style multiband EQ with extra features that greatly increase its flexibility.

Analog synth module

HIGHLIGHTS • three VCOs, each with 6 waveforms • 6-pole, 24db/octave lowpass filter • filter feedback loop • LFO with 9 waveforms and tempo sync • 16-step sequencer with shuffle • parameter automation • dual gain-stage amplifier • 3 cross-modulation paths • audio input • trigger I/O • CV inputs • USB audio and MIDI • standard MIDI I/O

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TARGET MARKET Keyboardists, DJs, producers, and other musicians

ANALYSIS A collaborative effort between the synth makers that takes the classic Minimoog-style design a few steps further by adding modern studio and performance features.