New Gear, August 2012

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Nomad Factory
Magnetic Bundle
Vintage-emulation plug-ins

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Highlights Bundle includes Magnetic II reel-to-reel audio tape modeling plug-in (with tape/tube saturation, tape color, vintage EQ, boost) and Echoes analog echo box (models Echoplex, Tel-Ray Oilcan delay, Electro-Harmonix Memory Man, and Boss DM-2 analog delay) • both plug-ins are designed to model “warmth” • VST, AU, RTAS
Target market Engineers who want to impart analog emulation and warmth to digital recordings
Analysis One of the hottest plugin categories is vintage-gear emulation; by bundling tape and echo plug-ins, this combination provides savings compared to buying them individually.

IPR 3000
DSP power amp

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Highlights Loudspeaker management • 1,490W RMS/ channel at 2 ohms • 7.8 lbs. • onboard DSP lets users set up EQ curves, delay speakers, crossover, horn EQ, and more • includes Waves MaxxBass psychoacoustic bass processing • includes presets for various loudspeaker types and musical genres
Target market High-power sound-reinforcement situations where light weight and fast setup are priorities
Analysis Peavey was the first company to produce digital power amps for live performance. Their latest amps build on the original IPR line with several DSP and design-related improvements.

Faders VIP
Tuned earplugs

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Highlights Designed to reduce hearing loss and prevent tinnitus • four sizes of medicalgrade, hybrid silicone fittings for optimal comfort • reduces noise levels by 12dB across the frequency spectrum, while still allowing music and speech to pass through • detachable cord and carrying case
Target market Musicians/ DJs, concertgoers, tradeshow attendees
Analysis The Faders VIP, a product of the Ear Armor division of V-Moda, are designed to help those who make their living by using their ears reduce the possibility of hearing damage when listening to, or creating, loud music.

Electric piano plug-in
$129 boxed, download $99

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Highlights Physical modeling engine • standalone, VST 2.4/3, 32/64-bit, RTAS/AU • three output modes: Studio (virtual DI box and reverb), Stage (with guitar amp sim, multiple mic and speaker options, and spring reverb), and Rotary (rotary speaker sim) • in-depth control parameters such as pickup axis, impedance, damper position, hammer hardness, etc.

Target market Project studios, performers who use laptops onstage
Analysis Wurlitzer V ups the ante with four amp sims, three modeled mics, and 11 vintage effects to create the typical environment in which Wurlitzer electric pianos were played.

iPad app

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Highlights Provides wireless remote control of the MIDAS PRO Series (PRO2/2C/3/6/9) and XL8 digital mixing systems • access all input faders, all bus contributions and masters, input/output channel mutes, and output GEQ remotely • 64 input /27 output meters viewable at the same time • use multiple iPads simultaneously on a single console
Target audience Owners of PR02/ PR02C digital mixing systems
Analysis The plethora of iPad-based remote mixing controllers exist for a reason: They’re extremely useful, particularly due to the wireless nature of remote control. Now PRO Series and XL8 owners can take advantage of this convenience.

Positive Grid
JamUp Pro
Guitar multieffects app

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Highlights For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch iOS 4.2 or later • 17 hybrid amp models, 30 stomp and rack models, sound-onsound phrase sampler, iTunes jam player • works with the JamUp Plug ($39.95) and other iOS guitar adaptors • up to seven simultaneous amps/effects • chromatic tuner, metronome, and 16 presets • expansion packs and free, “lite” version available
Target market Guitar players who use iOS apps
Analysis iOS guitar amp devices are becoming more common. JamUp’s main point of differentiation is the phrase sampler’s ability to overdub, as well as export recordings.

Sibelius First
Notation software

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Highlights Combines Sibelius Student and Sibelius First into a single music-composition tool • 64-bit technology and support for the latest operating systems • video export functionality • online publishing—direct sharing to YouTube, SoundCloud, and Facebook • enter notes via scanning, transcribing, or MIDI import • MusicXML interchange • premium sound library
Target market Students, musicians, composers
Analysis While most DAWs have notation capabilities, a dedicated program almost always gives better results. Sibelius has long been a leader in this field; Sibelius First brings notation/scoring capabilities to a wider audience.

American DJ
Flat Par Series
Low-profile LED pars
5-LED models $339.95,
12-LED models $599.95

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Highlights Two RGBW models: QWH5 (5 x 5-watt RGBW LEDs), QWH12 (12 x 5-watt RGBW LEDs) • two RGBA models: QA5, QA12 (same as QW models but with RGBA LEDs) • power and DMX ins/outs are on the fixture’s side for easy uplighting and trussing • 50,000-hour lamps • l34W with 5-LED models, 80W with 12-LED models
Target market DJs, clubs, bands with self-contained lighting setups
Analysis As more bands and DJs start to carry lighting, cost and weight become crucial. The 5-LED models weigh only 6 lbs. and the 12-LED models weigh 7 lbs.