New Gear: January 2017

Products from Arturia, IK Multimedia, FXpansion and more
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Effects plug-in

HIGHLIGHTS Part of the mixing engineer’s Signature Series, ToneCentric is based on the sound of vintage analog gear (vacuum tube compressor and mixing console, tape machines) that Wells uses on recordings by Adele, Katy Perry, OneRepublic, and others • provides analog-style harmonic enhancement and depth • one knob to control it all • mono in/out and stereo in/out operation • I/O Link button

TARGET MARKET Studio production and live sound

ANALYSIS Designed to provide easy-to-use and subtle tonal shaping.


Analog drum machine/sequencer

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HIGHLIGHTS Fully analog drum machine • each of the 64 sequences can have 64 steps • pattern chaining for 16 songs • 17 percussion sounds—kicks, snare, hats, toms, clap, zap, and Latin instruments • individual-instrument and mix outputs • controls include Level, Pitch, and Decay • step repeat and looper functions • Steiner-Parker filter • Swing and Randomness dials for patterns • stereo headphone jacks • USB • MIDI • DIN and clock sync

TARGET MARKET Producers, musicians, composers

ANALYSIS A portable beat-production machine for studio and stage.


Mid-side reverb plug-in

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HIGHLIGHTS Stereo Width control • Pan M to position the mid channel of the reverb • 2-band EQ • Room Shape parameter • Quick Select button provides five environments, each with three sizes • Mono Maker for collapsing the wet signal based on a selectable corner frequency • low- and high-end damping • parameters for input Directivity, Source Distance, and modulation frequency and amount • selectable bit-depth for the wet signal

TARGET MARKET Recording and mixing engineers

ANALYSIS A powerful tool for creative and corrective signal processing.


Electronic drum monitoring system
$499 street

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HIGHLIGHTS A 350W, 2.1 sound system utilizing Class D power • includes a 10” subwoofer and two 4.75” satellite speakers that can be stored inside the sub cabinet for transport • built-in 3-channel mixer with 2-band shelving EQ • aux inputs • Bluetooth enabled for wireless audio playback from a portable device • stands (with cases) included • total weight is 60 lbs.

TARGET MARKET Drummers, schools, houses of worship

ANALYSIS A relatively lightweight solution for rehearsals or gigging with electronic percussion setups.


Virtual instrument

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HIGHLIGHTS 12 physically modeled instruments including Fender, Gibson, Hofner, Ibanez, Music Man, Rickenbacker, Warwick, and Yamaha basses • selectable electronics (passive or active pickups with 3-band EQ, piezo) • three playing styles—pick, pluck, slap • two modeled bass amps and cabs • seven stompboxs • string options include type, material, gauge, and age • compatible with AmpliTube Custom Shop for additional tonal shaping

TARGET MARKET Composers, performers, studio production

ANALYSIS A variety of popular instruments that are highly customizable for nearly any musical style.


Stereo effects processor

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HIGHLIGHTS analog stereo processor featuring eight distortion circuits, a multi-mode filter, and a 2-band EQ • includes an LFO and envelope as modulation sources • 5-pin MIDI In/Out/Thru • stereo 1/4" I/O and headphone jack • two 1/4" control inputs • supports Overbridge, so that Analog Heat can be used as a VST/AU plug-in or 2x2 USB audio interface (CoreAudio, ASIO, WDM)

TARGET MARKET Musicians, DJs, producers ANALYSIS A portable analog effects unit for desktop use as well as gigging.


Modular iOS controllers
$79.95, $179

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HIGHLIGHTS Handheld, wireless, MIDI-over-Bluetooth system • works with Roli’s free iOS app, Noise • Lightpad Block ($179) is a 5-dimensional touch-sensitive controller that responds to a variety of gestures • Live Control Block ($79.95) parameters include scale select, melody, chords, arpeggiator, octave, favorites • Loop Control Block ($79.95) offers record/play/pause, quantize, undo, learn, and a click track • Noise app provides 100 sounds and works with the Seaboard Rise

TARGET MARKET Beginner and pro musicians

ANALYSIS A unique, yet powerful and portable, music making system.


Synthesizer for iOS

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HIGHLIGHTS Virtual-analog synth modeled on the three different versions of the classic ARP Odyssey • three lowpass filter types • programmable arpeggiator • drive • x/y Touch Scale pad • effects • voice assign mode for playing chords • supports Inter-App Audio and Audiobus • compatible with Korg Gadget DAW app and Apple GargeBand

TARGET MARKET Performance, recording, production

ANALYSIS Using its proprietary Component Modeling Technology, Korg provides access to all three models of this venerable synth, while adding modern touches to expand the sound palette.