New Gear, June 2012

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Perception 170
Matched condenser mic set


Highlights Pairs two factory-matched, 1/2" small-diaphragm condenser mics • lightweight diaphragm enables tight transient response • cardioid polar pattern • handles up to 155dB SPL • switchable 20dB pre-attenuation pad • all-metal chassis • gold-plated XLR output

Target Market Home and project studios requiring a matched pair of mics for stereo recordings (particularly drums and brass), A/B or X/Y recording applications, and the live club market

Analysis The Perception 170 has been a popular mic for several years; the matched pairs are chosen by comparing a large number of individual mics at the factory.


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NWave iPad Synthesizer
Portable wavetable synth

Highlights Uses the iPad’s intelligent gesture recognition and graphic performance to go deeper into wavetable synthesis with 3-D technology • designed in collaboration with Rolf Wöhrmann (TempoRubato) • unlike typical wavetable instruments, a wavetable’s number and length of waves are no longer restricted • supports all Core MIDI-compatible interfaces
Target Market iPad-oriented synthesists looking to obtain entirely new sounds out of wavetable synthesis
Analysis Waldorf has specialized in wavetable synthesis since the days of the PPG. The iPad host offers a way to make programming this technology more user-friendly, while retaining a reasonable price.


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Reverb remover/booster

Highlights Separates reverb and ambience from mixes, allowing attenuation or boosting of reverb components • excellent for dialog applications—remove ambience, and substitute whatever ambience you want • initially for Mac AU, with Windows forthcoming • realtime operation • even works with mono material
Target Market Recording and mastering, audio restoration, post-production, up-mixing from stereo to quad by panning the reverb components to the rear and the dry signal to the front
Analysis This is the kind of plugin you have to hear to believe— Zynaptiq claims proprietary artificial intelligence techniques make this technology possible.


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TC Electronic

High-tech bass amp
$399 street

Highlights Ultralight (35 lbs.) bass combo with 1x15" speaker/ cab and piezo tweeter • TonePrint technology to alter or replace onboard effects via iPhone or USB (artist TonePrint files are free) • 250W Class D amplification • XLR DI output • 5-string bass tuner
Target Market Bassists who want a loud, portable, and tonally versatile bass amp for recording or performing
Analysis TonePrint is a really clever technology that allows loading custom presets and sounds (from artists like Nathan East and Mark King) in seconds. Combined with portability and power, the BG250 represents an innovative approach to bass combo amps.


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USB keyboard controller
$179.99 street

Highlights Velocity-sensing mini keys • octave-shift buttons and key-transpose function • Korg Kontrol Editor software allows customizing microKEY functionality for production or performance • direct connection to iPads • bundled with the Korg Legacy Software Suite and various “lite” software programs • serves as a USB hub
Target Audience Portable music creation, laptop users, desktop studios with limited space, auxiliary keyboard for live performance
Analysis The microKEY Series launched with a 37-key model; the 61-note version expands on the line, as does a recently-introduced 25-key model.


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Two Notes

Torpedo C.A.B.
Cabinet/miking emulator pedal
€499, $TBA

Highlights Cab+miking simulation powered by Torpedo technology (more than 45 cabs available) • compatible with 3rd-party impulse responses • switchable guitar/ line in, switchable amp/line out, headphones, USB remote control • included 5-band EQ with guitar and bass modes
Target Market Recording and live performance needing an amped/ miked sound (but without the usual gear), with the ability to control volume levels as desired
Analysis This is the first time Torpedo emulation technology has been available in a pedal. As it doesn’t need to include a power soak, the price is considerably lower than other Torpedo products.


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Propellerhead Software

Rack Extensions
Reason expansion technology
Free Reason update

Highlights Upcoming free Reason/ Reason Essentials updates allow inserting optional-at-extra-cost 3rd-party effects and instruments within the Reason rack • rack extensions include patch points, Combinator compatibility, automation, and patch browser integration • “try before buy” option for all extensions
Target Market Reason owners who want more effects and instruments than those that ship with Reason
Analysis Reason has a reputation for stability, some of which is due to being a closed system that eschews a standard plug-in structure. Rack Extensions open up the system with very specific, Reason-oriented constraints to combine stability with flexibility.


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JBL Professional

STX800 Series
Portable loudspeakers
Configuration prices vary

Highlights Models include the STX812M (12", 2-way), STX815M (15", 2-way), STX825 (dual 15", 2-way), STX835 (dual 15", slot-loaded 3-way), STX818S (18" sub), and STX828S (dual 18" sub) • all models integrate with Crown Audio VRack amplifier V5 level processing and JBL HiQnet Performance Manager software
Target Market Live performance and touring acts that need more power-handling capacity and modularity than smaller systems, but still require something relatively compact and cost-effective
Analysis The STX800 Series bridges both the price and performance gap between the plethora of compact systems featuring vertical line arrays, and full-size touring sound systems.