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New Gear: June 2014

Akai Rhythm Wolf, Wiley 'Keyboard for Dummies,' Antelope Zen Studio, Line 6 Amplifi FX100, and more
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Akai Pro
Rhythm Wolf
Analog drum machine/bass synth

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Highlights 5 drum sounds with adjustable tuning, volume, and amplitude envelope • 6 MPCstyle pads • 32-step sequencer • bass synth with sawtooth and square waveforms • Howl control for adding distortion • Swing control • standard and USB MIDI I/O • analog gate trigger input • independent outputs for drum machine and bass synth
Target Tarket DJs, producers, and musicians
Analysis Low-cost, yet versatile, the Rhythm Wolf offers features you would expect in a classic analog rhythm-and-bass machine.

Keyboard for Dummies
Instrument guide

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Highlights Jerry Kovarsky’s easy-to-use tutorial explains the wealth of features available on electronic keyboard instruments • covers the fundamentals of synthesis, offers playing tips, and makes suggestions on finding a keyboard that suits your needs • covers MIDI, sequencing, and audio recording • audio examples available online
Target Market Anyone interested in learning about digital keyboards
Analysis A fun and informative book that even experienced musicians for whom technology is intimidating will find useful.

Antelope Audio
Zen Studio
Audio interface

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Highlights 20 analog inputs, 14 analog outputs at 24-bit, 192kHz resolution • 18 channels of digital I/O (ADAT and S/PDIF) • 12 Class A mic preamps with phantom power • 4 instrument inputs • 2 independent headphone jacks • 2 TRS insert jacks • D-Sub-25 connectors
Target Market Musicians and recording engineers
Analysis A compact and portable audio interface for studio or mobile recording that offers high resolution and lots of I/O for situations where space is at a premium.

sE Electronics
sE5 Pair
Condenser microphones
$599 street

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Highlights Two small-diaphragm, cardioid condenser mics • package includes a pair of shockmounts, stereo bar, and flight case • highpass filter (low-cut) switch at 100 Hz • pad switch with -10 and -20dB settings • 20Hz - 20kHz frequency response • matte black finish
Target Market Musicians, recording and live-sound engineers
Analysis An affordable kit based around a stereo pair of “pencil condensers” designed for stage and studio use on acoustic guitars, piano, and percussion, including drum overheads.

Line 6
iOS-enabled multi-effects pedal
$299.99 street

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Highlights Uses free AMPLIFi Remote iOS app • compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad • Bluetooth audio streaming from your music library • mono amp output • stereo headphone and Main outputs • USB port • pedal controller • Drive control • three EQ controls
Target Market Guitarists who perform and record
Analysis Line 6 has made amp, speaker, and guitar modeling even easier to use with its automatic tone-matching algorithm, which suggests appropriate tone setups based on your song selection.

Analog keyboard synthesizer

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Highlights 3 VCOs that go into sub-audio range • VC LFO that goes into audio range • 4-octave touch-capacitive keyboard • noise generator • hard sync • sample and hold • tape-delay simulator • 5-pole diode-ladder VCF • ring modulator • spring reverb • CV and gate I/O • MIDI I/O • audio input
Target Market Keyboardists, composers, sound designers
Analysis With the expanded range of its oscillators, processing capabilities, and capacitive key pads, this synth packs high-level features in a relatively compact format.

Vox Continental-V
Virtual instrument

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Highlights Model of the dualmanual Vox Continental 300 with bass pedals • includes Jennings J70 mode • independent outputs for each manual and effects processor • Leslie rotating speaker and guitar amp models • full complement of drawbars • each pitch individually tunable • available in AAX, VST, VST3, and AU formats
Target Market Keyboardists and composers
Analysis Arturia goes above and beyond what you’d expect of the sound and behavior of this classic transistor-based combo organ.

Chorus/vibrato pedal
$499.99 street

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Highlights Mono 1/4" instrument input and output • 10 Wave sliders that allow you to create your own LFO wave shape • controls for Intensity and Speed • expression pedal included • runs on 6 AA batteries or AC • battery slot is easy to access and doesn’t require screwdriver to open
Target Market Performing and recording guitarists
Analysis Created with the classic Uni-Vibe pedal in mind, this update takes this rich chorus/vibrato effect to new heights.