New Gear: June 2016

New products for musicians and recordists
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Mellotron emulation pedal

HIGHLIGHTS Polyphonic effects pedal that emulates 9 classic Mellotron sounds—Orchestra, Cello, Strings, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Brass, Low Choir, and High Choir • no special guitar pickup needed • Dry and Effect outputs with independent level controls • adjustable Attack and Sustain • tracks pitch bends and down to a low A on a bass guitar • includes 9.6VDC power supply

TARGET MARKET Guitarists, bassists, keyboardists

ANALYSIS A quick and easy way to add the vintage tones of a tape-replay machine to your rig.


Multi-timbral phase modulation sampler for Eurorack

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HIGHLIGHTS 8 independent channels of mono sampling (4 stereo), each with its own output, gate/trig input, and 3 CV inputs • mix outputs • selectable sample rate and bit depth • looping capabilities • CV control over sample scrubbing and bit depth • 24-bit A/D/A converters • phase modulate samples using other samples or external analog signals • 1-shot and Gated modes

TARGET MARKET Eurorack users, sound designers, musicians

ANALYSIS Turn your Eurorack modular synth into a serious sample manipulation instrument.


Comperssor/limiter/de-esser plug-in

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HIGHLIGHTS Emulation of the vintage hardware dynamics processor • use the three effects separately or together • added features include a mid-side matrix, a mix control to balance the processed and unprocessed signals, a gain-reduction control, optional separate left/right metering, and the ability to add or remove modeled noise from the original hardware unit • 2 independent sidechains per channel

TARGET MARKET Professional and personal studios

ANALYSIS A full-featured software model of a popular ’80s-era dynamics processor.


LCT 640 TS
Multipattern condenser mic and DAW plug-in
$899 street

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HIGHLIGHTS Five polar patterns—omnidirectional, figure-8, cardioid, wide cardioid, supercardioid • directionality adjustable after recording using the bundled AAX/AU/VST plug-in • dual output mode lets you record the front and rear diaphragms separately as well as track in stereo • mid-side recording capability • 4-setting lowcut filter • 4 pad settings • includes shockmount, pop screen, windscreen, and molded case

TARGET MARKET Recording engineers, home studios

ANALYSIS Designed for a wide variety of mono and stereo studio-recording applications.


Orchestra and choir sound library
£99 (about $140); upgrade £37.95 (about $54)

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HIGHLIGHTS Includes more than 500 instruments • new orchestral string patches (large and small sections, solo parts) • brass instruments culled from ProjectSAM Orchestral Brass Classic • 7 choirs (boys, children, SATB) • 2 concert grand pianos (7’ Model B, 9’ Model D) • pipe organ • harps with pedaling emulation • Sonic Morphing technology to enhance the software’s dynamic range • 16 additional impulse response presets

TARGET MARKET Composers, songwriters, arrangers, students

ANALYSIS A major update to a highly affordable orchestral and choir library.


Software synthesizer

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HIGHLIGHTS Cinematic sound-design instrument featuring four sound channels with a variety of filters and global effects • 3 modes—Flow, Pulse, Chop • Intelligent Random button • 4 sequencers • convolution engine • 250 presets included • bundled with Launchpad multi-touch software for use with iPad and Android tablets running Lemur

TARGETMARKET Film, TV, and game composers; musicians

ANALYSIS Designed to offer a darker, more aggressive, and moodier vibe than the company’s first release, Orbit, while providing a refined user interface.


Studio monitor
$699 each

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HIGHLIGHTS Bi-amplified, coaxial close-field studio monitor with 7" composite-cone, low-frequency driver and air-motion transformer (AMT) ribbon tweeter • frequency response stated as 42 Hz to 27 kHz • 140W of Class A/B amplification • 3-position high-frequency trim • 3-position low-frequency boundary-compensation control • front-panel output fader • forward facing bass port

TARGETMARKET Professional and personal studios

ANALYSIS The combination of a ribbon tweeter with coaxial driver placement provides a unique listening experience.


Software instrument for Kontakt 5

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HIGHLIGHTS Four Soundcore engines can play up to 8 sound sources • instruments divided into three categories—Atmospheres, Percussives, and Instrumentals • more than 5,000 presets • effects insert modules allow you to setup and reorder processing in real time • includes Step Animator, Morph Animator, and 3D Mixer • 26GB sample library with 44.1kHz/24-bit resolution

TARGETMARKET Composers, sound designers

ANALYSIS Stocked with samples of traditional instruments and field recordings, Morphestra 2 provides a broad palette of colors intended for game, film, and television.