New Gear: March 2014

1ElektronAnalog Keys
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Analog Keys
4-voice analog synthesizer

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Highlights 37 semi-weighted keys • 2-pole multimode and 4-pole lowpass analog filters • Aftertouch • joystick • step sequencer controls synth and onboard effects • arpeggiator • DIN sync, CV, and gate outputs • audio input • balanced analog output
Target Market Musicians who want a versatile polysynth for the studio or stage
Analysis It’s hard not to like a fully modern analog synth with I/O that makes it compatible with vintage drum machines and modular gear.

MG Series
Small-format mixing consoles

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Highlights Ten new mixers that feature D-Pre mic preamps • pad, highpass filter, and EQ controls on each channel • the XU models offer 24 SPX effects and include USB 2.0 interfaces that support 24-bit/96kHz resolution (the MG06C has six non-editable effects)
Target Market Musicians and engineers working in studio and concert situations
Analysis Featuring a steel chassis and rugged construction, these mixers are designed to cover everything from installation jobs and personal studio work to live sound.

Dave Smith Instruments
Prophet 12 Module
Analog/digital synth hybrid

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Highlights table-top/rackmountable 12-voice analog/digital hybrid synth • redesigned editing system • five oscillators per voice • highpass and resonant lowpass filters • tuned feedback • stereo delay for each voice • arpeggiator • 16 x 2 modulation matrix • 5-pin DIN and USB MIDI I/O
Target Market Musicians who want a powerful polysynth in a space-saving form factor
Analysis Although it has fewer front-panel editing controls, the P12 Module offers the same sound quality and modulation capabilities as its keyboard counterpart.

Mixing Link
Mic preamp/effects loop stompbox
$299 street

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Highlights 48V phantompowered mic preamp with XLR and 1/4" I/O • instrument and stereo aux inputs • effects loops supports balanced and unbalanced connections • effects switch can toggle on/off or work in momentary mode
Target Market Singers and musicians who use audio processing onstage and in the studio
Analysis The Mixing Link gives vocalists direct control over their own effects, with the added advantage of having a highquality DI output for the P.A.


Pi L Squared
Portable synth module

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Highlights MIDI-controlled, duophonic synth • two squarewave oscillators with four waveshapes • digital and analog filters • analog saturation stage • 32 factory/32 user presets • MIDI synchronized LFO • RCA output • USB port • Mac/Windows editor included
Target Market Musicians looking for a versatile synthesizer that is small enough to go anywhere
Analysis Attached with a small piece of Velcro, the Pi L Squared could be the perfect hardwaresynth companion for your miniature MIDI keyboard.

Vacuum-tube spring reverb

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Highlights Eurorack modular format • features a pair of 12CT8 triode-pentode tubes • separate mix and wet-only outputs • feedback circuit with CV input • CV input for Drive with invert switch • RCA jacks are provided for connecting an external spring tank
Target Market Modular synth users looking for adventurous sounds
Analysis The only thing better than adding spring reverb to a patch is adding tube-based timbres and a feedback circuit at the same time.

Music Maker 2014 Premium

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Highlights Unlimited track count • 6,000 samples and loops and 10 Soundpools included • Practical Pitch Wizard • Vocal Tune • DN-e1 virtual analog synth • Mastering Suite 4 effects collection with Auto Mastering mode • vocoder • 5.1 surround mixing • ability to import Music Maker Jam projects • support for VST plug-ins
Target Market Beginner-to-intermediate music makers and beat producers
Analysis There are enough loops, beats, and software instruments here that anyone can get started in music production.

Vocal effects processor

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Highlights Upgraded effects • new Harmony modes: Pedal, Fixed, and Mixed • looper • vocoder • talk-box effect • Adaptive Tone processor • new HardTune styles and delay filters • acoustic guitar mode • guitar input can control harmonization • virtual amp emulations • TonePrint effects • separate outputs for guitar amps and stereo P.A. • download and manage presets with the free VoiceSupport app
Target Market Recording and gigging vocalists
Analysis A powerful collection of performance-oriented effects that incorporates the latest technological advances

Hal Leonard
Down the Rhodes: The Fender Rhodes Story
By Gerald McCauley and Benjamin Bove

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Highlights Full-color, hardcover book with Blu-ray disc • a historical look at one of the most ubiquitous keyboards in modern music • dozens of interviews with influential players • also available as an MP4 download and on DVD
Target Market Fans of vintage keyboards, particularly electromechanical instruments
Analysis This audio/visual package provides a wealth of technical information as well as entertaining musical perspectives. It’s a fun read for anyone interested in how the Rhodes influenced pop and jazz.

ElevenEleven Publishing
Joe Meek’s Bold Techniques, 2nd Edition
By Barry Cleveland

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Highlights A fascinating biography covering the innovative recording techniques used in Meek’s 12-year career • newly updated with extra chapter • includes remastered version of the 1959 stereo album I Hear a New World, available online
Target Market Recording engineers and musicians
Analysis This is a great source of information, especially about the development of the effects used in the ’50s and ’60s by one of pop music’s most adventurous artists.

Make Music
Finale 2014
Music notation software
$600 ($350 academic/worship price)

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Highlights Full-featured scoring program • new file format that ensures backward compatibility and future-proof data creation • updated audio engine and a new mixer with updated playback controls • expanded sample library from Garritan • new Smart Shapes • EPub support
Target Market Musicians and composers who want to create engraver-quality sheet music
Analysis Finale continues to set the standard for professionallevel notation software while providing high-qualty samples with which to hear your work.

DD4 and DD5
Dynamic mic kits for drums

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Highlights Preconfigured 4- and 5-mic packs that include a version of the M80 with a smaller body, as well as the M81-SH and M82 large-element, kickdrum mic • includes 15' cables • packaged in a hard-shell flight case
Target Market Studio and livesound engineers, drummers
Analysis Whether you’ll use these mics in a recording or concert application, these kits offer a convenient way to acquire enough mics to handle a 4- or 5-piece drum kit.