New Gear, May 2012

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Wah pedal

Highlights Dual analog filters (each can be lowpass or bandpass) for organic sound quality • pedal, envelope, LFO, and pitch-tracking control • USB interface for editing and using Wahoo as a MIDI controller • true bypass • pedal position sensor can’t wear out
Target Market Those desiring an innovative wah effect that’s more flexible than the average pedal
Analysis The pitch-tracking control is arguably Wahoo’s most innovative feature, as it allows changing the filter frequency based on parameters such as string bending. Wahoo combines a true analog signal path with digital control.

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iOS stereo mic
$79 street price

Highlights Stereo condenser mics for iPhone 4, iPod Touch, or iPad dock connection • mics are adjustable 180 degrees from front to back • built-in A/D converter and mic preamp for low-noise recording • 125dB SPL maximum level • switchable limiter • dockpowered, no additional battery required • USB input allows iPhone/iPad charging from USB
Target Market Field recording, rehearsals
Analysis By avoiding the iPhone/ iPad’s internal audio electronics, the iM2 can take advantage of higher-quality A/D conversion and mic preamps to withstand higher SPLs and provide lower-noise recording.

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Muse Research
Receptor VIP
Virtual instrument player
$1,599 minimum advertised price

Highlights Loads virtual instruments/effects in stageworthy 2U rack-mount unit • economical alternative to Receptor 2+ Pro/ Pro Max models • dual-core processor/4GB RAM/1TB drive • stereo ins/outs • “dongle garage” protects dongle for copy-protected instruments • OS 2.0 simplifies navigation • configurable effects
Target Market Performing musicians who need a more rugged host than typical laptops, and studios that need virtual instruments installed in a computer-agnostic environment
Analysis The original Receptor became a favorite of pro touring bands that didn’t want to hassle with computers onstage; Receptor VIP offers similar performance at a lower price point.

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Phase-correction plug-in
$200 native/$300 TDM

Highlights Designed for phaseshift treatment, phase-alignment and complex phase-manipulation tasks • high-resolution dual waveform displays • phase-shift filters with adjustable frequency and Q • correlation meter shows phase relationship and provides visual confirmation • move waveforms manually, with a delay control, or align them in relation to a sidechain input
Target Market Mixdown and mastering engineers who are confronted with phase problems
Analysis Phase incoherence can be introduced while tracking, for example due to phase relationship anomalies among multiple mics. InPhase can help identify and correct these problems during the mixing or mastering process.

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Passive monitor series

Highlights Reasonably-priced passive speakers with significant sensitivity and power handling • series includes the PRX412M 12" two-way stage monitor/ loudspeaker system, PRX415M 15" two-way stage monitor/ loudspeaker system, PRX425 15" two-way loudspeaker system, and PRX418S 18" subwoofer • 12 M10 suspension points • Neutrik Speakon combination connectors • 18mm birch/poplar multi-laminate hardwood covered with DuraFlex, 16-gauge steel grille
Target Audience Musicians, DJs, houses of worship
Analysis The PRX400 series is essentially a non-self-powered version of the PRX600 series, which reduces price considerably and allows the use of existing power amps and processors.

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Lewitt Audio
LCT 940
Tube+FET microphone

Highlights Combines large-diaphragm FET condenser-mic and tube-mic characteristics in one housing • “Crystal” and “Tube” settings can be mixed and merged • separate tube-based and FET-based impedance converters provide independent, dual signal paths • nine different polar patterns (omni, cardioid, figure-8, wide- and super-cardioid, and four additional intermediate patterns) • three levels of attenuation, three switchable low-cut frequencies
Target Market High-end recording and stage applications
Analysis The LCT 940 retains the versatility associated with multiple mics for those who want to invest in a single, high-end tube mic.

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CMD controllers
Modular DJ mixer system

Highlights “Mix and match” line includes the CMD MM-1 Mixer Module, CMD DV-1 Digital Vinyl Control Module, LC-1 Live Control Module, CMD PL-1 Platter Control Module, and the CMD DC-1 Drum Control Module • class-compliant USB, no drivers needed • supports software like Ableton Live and Traktor
Target Market DJs, including laptop DJs, who want to go beyond typical mixing/controller setups
Analysis As more DJs expand the standard “platter” setup with software like Live, they often need multiple controllers. The modular approach allows using drum machines, software, and standard DJ-platter controllers as a unified system.

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Quantum Leap Solo Violin
Virtual instrument
$99, download only

Highlights Includes five passes of true legatos at sampled intervals— legato soft, legato forte, expressive legato, portamento, and fast legato/ trill/run • round-robin up/down bowing on most articulations • handles very fast playing and live trill playing • all basic articulations, various expressive articulations, vibrato styles, and non-vibrato styles were sampled • uses the latest version of EastWest’s cross-platform, 32/64-bit-compatible Play engine
Target Market Film and classical projects
Analysis One of EastWest’s specialties is highly realistic orchestral virtual instruments; Solo Violin joins their choirs, pianos, brass, and symphonic instruments.

All prices are MSRP except as noted