New Gear: May 2015

Products from PSP, Apogee, Waves, Yamaha, and More
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Rotating speaker-emulation plug-in

HIGHLIGHTS Rotary speaker effect plug-in (AU, VST, AAX, RTAS) modeled after the Leslie 122 and 147
• high-frequency horn and low-frequency drum can be modulated independently
• independent Inertia settings for acceleration and deceleration
• independent high and low speed settings
• EQ, amplifier, and ambience controls
• Tremolo and Chorale effects
• full-featured 14-day demo available
• i5 or i7-class CPU recommended

TARGET MARKET Sound designers, musicians, keyboardists, composers

ANALYSIS An inexpensive yet flexible and feature-rich rotating-speaker plug-in for Mac and Windows.



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Sample library for Kontakt 5

HIGHLIGHTS Guitar sounds and strums assembled into five main categories: Swells, Custom Pads, Pads, Phrase Builder, and Instruments
• includes finger slides, phrases, plucks, amp buzz, and other sounds, as well as alternate playing techniques, such as violin bow on strings
• Instruments category includes acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar harmonics, electric guitar, electric bass, mandolin, banjo, nylon-string guitar, and sitar

TARGET MARKET Composers, sound designers, musicians

ANALYSIS A library that provides the tools to create your own hybrid fretted-string virtual instrument.



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Programmable mixer, DAW controller, and USB audio interface

HIGHLIGHTS 8 balanced analog inputs (two accept high-Z input)
• 2 mic preamps with phantom power and +60 dB of gain
• 8 1/4" TRS analog outputs
• stereo headphone output
• 8 channel faders and 1 master fader that can send CC messages and display audio levels
• 4 rotary buttons
• onboard effects (reverb, EQ, dynamics)
• USB support for audio (24-bit/96kHz), MIDI and KMI Expander

TARGET MARKET Musicians, composers, engineers, sound designers

ANALYSIS KMI’s outstanding controller technology in a multi-use device that anyone can use.



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USB 2.0 digital-to-analog converter

HIGHLIGHTS Includes an ESS Sabre DAC
• for use with headphones or powered monitors
• supports resolutions up to 24-bit, 192kHz
• asynchronous clocking • Quad Sum DAC technology that utilizes four DACs per channel to increase dynamic range and reduce distortion
• USB bus powered
• LEDs show levels and status
• buttons for output level and muting
• aluminum body
• supports Mac and Windows OS
• built in the U.S.A.

TARGET MARKET Musicians and engineers

ANALYSIS A small and portable high-resolution DAC for the studio or travel.



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Native and SoundGrid dynamics plug-in

HIGHLIGHTS Model of the popular hard-knee, feed-forward VCA-based compressor/limiter
• stereo capabilities (channels separate or linked) with independent level controls
• MS mode
• Mix control for blending original and processed signals
• Noise control for incrementally adding the noise and hum of the original unit
• high-pass filter (90 Hz) on the sidechain
• three metering choices

TARGET MARKET Professional mix engineers, musicians

ANALYSIS In addition to modeling the sound of the original hardware, Waves added several features suitable for modern production techniques.



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Acoustic isolation stands
$240 per pair

HIGHLIGHTS Sculpted-aluminum isolation stands designed for use with medium-sized studio monitors weighing up to 35 lbs.
• integrated tilt adjustment with guide markings
• 6.1" x 7.5" dimensions
• sold in pairs

TARGET MARKET Recording, mixing, and mastering studios

ANALYSIS In addition to decoupling your monitors from the surface or stand where they sit, the Aperta isolators can angle the speaker cabinets toward your mix position’s sweet spot.



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Electronic drum components for acoustic kits

HIGHLIGHTS Preconfigured systems designed to enhance an acoustic kit with electronic percussion
• each setup provides a DTX502 sound module and two triggers
• HP570 ($660) adds a TP70 single-zone pad
• HP580 ($990) has a XP80 3-zone DTX-pad
• HP587 ($1,150) includes TP70 and XP80 pads
• The DTX502 Hybrid Pack ($2,600) is based around a 5-piece Stage Custom Birch acoustic kit
• systems are expandable up to 12 pads

TARGET MARKET Drummers, studios, education, houses of worship

ANALYSIS An easy way to create a hybrid acoustic-electronic drum kit.



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Hardware sequencer for Eurorack
$625 street

HIGHLIGHTS 8-track sequencer
• 64 steps per track
• 72-LED button grid that provides four horizontal and two vertical timeline views
• internal clock
• functions include manual triggering, swing amount, fill, loop, mute, copy and paste, group, and randomization
• supports Tiptop’s SyncBus technology for synchronization using connections behind the panel

TARGET MARKET Musicians and composers using Eurorack modular synthesizers

ANALYSIS A complex sequencer specifically designed for live performance and studio use.



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USB 2.0 audio/MIDI interface

HIGHLIGHTS Portable 18-input, 18-output 24-bit/192kHz interface with AVB audio networking
• wireless control
• two mic inputs
• 2 low-impedance guitar inputs
• 8 analog outputs on 1/4" TRS jacks
• 6 TRS inputs
• optical I/O ports configurable as 8 channels of ADAT or stereo TOSLink
• works as standalone mixer supporting 48 inputs and 12 stereo buses
• onboard DSP with 32-bit floating-point effects

TARGET MARKET Musicians, recording engineers

ANALYSIS A significant upgrade in a package that is suitable for mobile or studio recording.



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Portable absorber for vocal tracking
$99.99 street

HIGHLIGHTS Lightweight, nearfield absorber with 3" x 7" window for use when tracking vocals
• outer shell is made from high-impact ABS plastic
• integrated slotted ports mitigate bass build-up
• includes mounting hardware and cable port that allow for easy mic positioning

TARGET MARKET Home and personal studios, musicians, voiceover artists

ANALYSIS An inexpensive and easy-to-set-up portable vocal booth. The small window is a great addition that improves communication between the vocal talent and the engineer.



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PCI Express audio interface card

HIGHLIGHTS Four channels of analog I/O with fixed or adjustable, relay-controlled trim
• four AES/EBU channels
• resolution up to 24-bit/192kHz
• new 16x8 software mixer
• V2 DMA engine
• automatic output muting on power-down
• low-jitter SyncroLock sample clock generator
• also available: the E22, with two channels of A/D/A and two channels of AES3 or S/PDIF

TARGET MARKET Recording and mastering engineers, broadcast

ANALYSIS Designed for demanding, high-resolution applications.



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Electronic percussion system
$1,699 street

HIGHLIGHTS Soft, multizone trigger pads that fit directly onto the rims of acoustic drums
• cymbal and hi-hat pads mount onto normal stands
• kick trigger-pad attaches to any bass drum and includes a loop-through connection for wiring in a second kick pad
• I/O module with USB port and mount
• includes BFD Eco Nfuzd Edition software with 55 GB of 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV files.

TARGET MARKET Drummers, studios, houses of worship, educational facilities

ANALYSIS A revolutionary system for adding trigger pads to an acoustic kit.