New Gear May 2016

New products for musicians and recordists
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Video camera and audio recorder

HIGHLIGHTS Built-in cardioid condenser mics can be positioned in XY or ORTF stereo configuration
• stereo input jack • records WAV files up to 24-bit, 96kHz, as well as AAC files • creates MOV files with 3M HD (2.3k) video resolution at 30 or 60 fps frame rates • USB and micro HDMI connectors • supports SD/SDHC/SDXC cards up to 128GB

TARGET MARKET Musicians in the studio or onstage, students, and educators

ANALYSIS An inexpensive and easy-to-use video camera with high-quality audio reproduction.



Audio restoration plug-in suite

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HIGHLIGHTS Four audio repair plugins taken from RX 5 • De-click is used to remove clicks and pops and includes stereo metering and a Sensitivity control • De-hum provides linear-phase filters and adaptive technology to remove hum and its harmonics • De-clip offers a threshold control and metering • Dialogue De-Noise has Threshold and Reduction controls and a real-time display of input, output, and threshold levels

TARGET MARKET Recording, mixing, and broadcast engineers

ANALYSIS A low-cost way to add key audio restoration plug-ins to your system.



Passive loudspeakers
$459-$749 street

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HIGHLIGHTS Four models offering Directivity Matched Transition (DMT) technology—the E10 with a 10" woofer and 2.5" voice coil; the trapezoidal, 2-way E12 with 12" woofer and 3" voice coil; the trapezoidal, 2-way E15 with 15" woofer and 3" voice coil; and the E18SW subwoofer with single 18- inch speaker • designed to work with PLD and GXD amplifiers and TouchMix digital mixers

TARGET MARKET Musicians, DJs, stage monitoring, karaoke

ANALYSIS Designed with a variety of uses and mounting options in mind.



Virtual grand piano
€49 (about $53)

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HIGHLIGHTS Physically modeled Steinway & Sons Model B-211 grand piano from Hamburg, Germany, based on the Martha Argerich Edition of 25 instruments hand-chosen and signed by the artist • the software was tweaked to provide tonal clarity and maximum dynamic range

TARGET MARKET Keyboardists, composers, producers, sound designers

ANALYSIS A highly realistic playing experience from a high-quality (and rare) piano that offers greater subtlety in expression than sample-based instruments typically offer.



Wireless MIDI hub
€199 (about $217)

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HIGHLIGHTS Low-latency networking and mapping of MIDI data via DIN I/O, Ethernet, WiFi, and USB • supports Mac OS X, Windows, and iOS • loads and executes MIDI Translator Pro project files • two Ethernet ports • standard MIDI I/O • USB port • WiFi enable/disable button • powered by external supply, battery, USB, or Ethernet • small, lightweight case

TARGET MARKET Musicians and composers

ANALYSIS Wirelessly move MIDI data between devices onstage or in the studio without the need for a computer.



Audio restoration software and plug-in (Mac/Win)

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HIGHLIGHTS New features include automatic noise detection, improved hum removal, graphical learn-noise mode, support for MP3 and FLAC files, and metering • waveform display for video • full bypass for A/B comparisons • playback includes backward/forward and Return to Start • reset button in the full application • AAX, Audio Units, VST, and AudioSuite support

TARGET MARKET Recording engineers, podcasters, video editors

ANALYSIS With its simplified interface, SoundSoap 5 provides a basic set of tools for cleaning up recordings destined for multimedia applications and audio-only release.



Handheld electronic instruments
$59 each

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HIGHLIGHTS Designed in collaboration with Cheap Monday, three new “pocket operator” synths, each with pattern chaining and step multiplier • the PO-20 Arcade synth provides arcade-game-style sounds, sequencer, chord control, and effects • PO-24 Office offers noise percussion from a synth engine and samples • PO-28 Robot is an 8-bit synth with sequencer, glide, and effects

TARGET MARKET Composers, performers, DJs, producers, and kids

ANALYSIS It’s hard to deny the fun factor and musical usefulness of these impulse-buy-priced instruments.



Eurorack module

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HIGHLIGHTS A 15LE8 vacuum tube-based VCA module that includes an inverting/non-inverting amplifier for creating stereo and signal cancelling effects • preamp offers approximately 30 dB of gain • can be used for adding distortion • 3.5mm audio input and output jacks • volume CV input handles ±10V range • handmade in California using premium new-old-stock tubes

TARGET MARKET Musicians and composers looking to add extreme sounds to their modular system

ANALYSIS A multifunction utility module that takes full advantage of the tube’s non-linear behavior.