New Gear, November 2012

Highlights Formerly availableonly for Korg workstations,KARMA provides interactivegroove generation and arrangerlikecapabilities for Yamaha’sMotif XS/XF • Mac/Windowscompatible • 3rd-gen KARMA3.0 technology • 8-track design(6 KARMA modules, 2 keyboardlayers) per performance • mapsthe Motif’s Remote Mode toKARMA’s interactive features• intelligent chord triggertransposition • stutter features
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XS/XF software

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Highlights Formerly available only for Korg workstations, KARMA provides interactive groove generation and arrangerlike capabilities for Yamaha’s Motif XS/XF • Mac/Windows compatible • 3rd-gen KARMA 3.0 technology • 8-track design (6 KARMA modules, 2 keyboard layers) per performance • maps the Motif’s Remote Mode to KARMA’s interactive features • intelligent chord trigger transposition • stutter features
Target Market Yamaha Motif XS/ XF owners
Analysis KARMA technology brought fascinating algorithmic and groove capabilities to Korg workstations, which has since expanded to Yamaha’s Motif line.



iOS device app

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Highlights Enables correct setting and matching of the angling (“toe-in”) of both stereo and 7.1 surround sound speakers • compatible with iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPhone Touch 4th gen, and later models of those devices • detailed information screens provide a tutorial on speaker angling, as well as stepby- step instructions for using SpeakerAngle
Target Market Recording engineers, sound contractors, home theater
Analysis As more people become aware of the importance of acoustics, speaker placement is being re-visited. This app helps optimize speaker placement and therefore improves acoustics.

Hosa Technology
Second-Generation Elite Series
Mic cables

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Highlights Nylon webbing over PVC jackets • gold-plated Neutrik connectors • available in both Lo-Z (XLR3F to XLR3M) and Hi-Z (XLR3F to 1/4-inch TS) configurations • 20 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors with 95% OFC braided shield • 3 to 100 feet lengths
Target Market Live performance, recording studios, presentations
Analysis Good mic cables are crucial; the 2nd-generation Elite Series (guitar cables are also available) is optimized for reliability, stability, and sound quality despite a lower price tag than some “boutique” cables.


Native Instruments
Raw Voltage
Maschine expansion

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Highlights Use with Maschine or Maschine Mikro (compact version available for iMaschine) • kits, instruments, and patterns based on modular analog synthesis • includes 140 patterns with styles ranging from broken, jagged rhythms to flowing grooves • wide sonic scope suitable for many musical styles
Target Market Maschine owners seeking new sounds
Analysis Maschine has been a hit for Native Instruments and also serves as hands-on controller for their Komplete bundle. This latest pack continues NI’s emphasis on increased content, not just software and hardware.


Isolation platform

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Highlights Isolates a drum set from the floor or a hollow stage • reduces coloration from floor resonance, improves sound isolation • more portable (simply rolls up), lighter, and less expensive version of the HoverDeck • 4' x 6' section of Auralex’s SheetBlok sound barrier material, covered with charcoal gray Ozite-type carpet
Target Market Recording studios, live performance setups
Analysis “Floating floors” aren’t always an option for stage or studio, so the HoverMat provides an inexpensive alternative intended to provide vibration isolation from drum sets.

Voodoo Lab
Guitar mastering pedal

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Highlights Analog mastering preamp for guitar with Loudness, Body, and Air tone-shaping controls • four-position preamp voicing selector • adds warmth and roundness • five-year warranty • hand-built in the USA using high-grade components • true bypass switching • howto videos on
Target Market Guitar players: live and in the studio
Analysis Giggity is not a simple overdrive or boost pedal but is intended to fine-tune the overall sound. It’s particularly well-suited after a pedalboard but before a clean amp.

Chauvet DJ
Mega Trix
Effect light

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Highlights Mobile, lightweight, LED-powered effect light • projects mid-air aerial effects, sharp beams of light, and animations that flow across any surface • super-crisp optics • three independent pods housing 192 RGBW LEDs • includes complex, automated programs and three channels of DMX control for custom light shows
Target Market Live acts, clubs, mobile DJs, and club DJs who want to upgrade their lighting effects
Analysis Acts are demanding more compact, portable, and lessexpensive lighting. Mega Trix includes an internal mounting option for most tripods and speaker stands that doesn’t interfere with speakers or other fixtures.


Auto-Tune Live

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Highlights Realtime pitch correction and Auto-Tune vocal effect for live or tracking • ultra-low latency • realtime MIDI control of key performance parameters • humanize function for natural, realistic pitch correction • natural vibrato control • automatic formant correction • includes Antares’ Throat Modeling technology • RTAS/VST3/AU for Mac, RTAS/ VST3 for Windows
Target Market Live performance and tracking applications
Analysis Auto-Tune has been big in studios for years, but the live version’s low latency and extensive MIDI control offers a new level of realtime control.