New Gear, October 2012

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HK Audio

Sound system
$699 street

Highlights Self-contained, 22lb. package with dedicated subwoofer and 3-channel built-in mixer • two specially-designed, micstand- mountable satellite speakers • speakers can also mount directly on top of the sub via HK’s Easy-Click connectors (requires no additional wiring) • stereo link connection pairs two LUCAS Nano systems to increase power, range, and number of inputs • up to 120dB SPL
Target Market Solo and acoustic performers and presenters
Analysis “Personal P.A.s” keep getting smaller and lighter, while maintaining reasonable power levels, convenience, and capabilities.


ADL 700
Hardware channel strip
$1,999 street

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Highlights Class A preamp with one 12AT7 and two 6922 tubes • FET-based compressor • 4-band semiparametric EQ • separate balanced XLR mic, balanced XLR line, and 1/4" TS instrument inputs with single balanced XLR out • designed by Anthony DeMaria • ±300V power rails for maximum headroom • dual-transformer design • Input source select switch with variable mic-input impedance
Target Market High-end recording and live performance
Analysis The ADL600 stereo tube preamp has been a hit, so the ADL700 reduces costs by offering a single-channel version.


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Version 9 for live

Price varies

Highlights 64-bit support and hard-drive activation for Yamaha/Allen & Heath/DiGiCo/ Venue/MultiRack • V9 plug-in versions now added to SoundGrid Pro and Live bundles • No iLok required, easy-to-use activation system • can activate to USB flash drive • one-click license recovery for lost or damaged devices • run Waves V8 and V9 plug-ins sideby- side in MultiRack
Target Market Live performance and sound reinforcement
Analysis Waves plug-ins are making inroads into live performance. Version 9 introduces far more convenient licensing, and supports 64-bit systems.

Mic Mechanic
Vocal toolbox for singers

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Highlights Compact effects pedal • eight reverb and delay effects • delay ranges from simple slapback to near-infinite echo effects • tap tempo to match delay times to the music • use Auto Chromatic Pitch Correction transparently or as an effect • automatically adjusts EQ, compression, de-essing, and gating • can be controlled from TC-Helicon’s MP-75 Modern Performance Vocal Microphone (optional)• all-metal construction
Target Market Primarily live performance, but also recording
Analysis TC-Helicon continues to apply the expertise from their pro rack systems to inexpensive pedals for live performance.


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Audio Xciter Studio
Music player app

Highlights Audio app analyzes and enhances Apple iOS device audio in real time • based on proprietary DSP-based processing • intended to restore detail/spaciousness to data-compressed music • a portion of the proceeds from Audio Xciter’s sales go to Respect the Music, Aphex’s foundation supporting music and arts education • Android version also available • free demo download
Target Market Those who listen to audio books or music through iOS/Android devices
Analysis Audio with heavy data compression loses several desirable sonic attributes; Xciter is designed to compensate for these negatives.


Padshop Pro
VST granular synth

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Highlights Enhanced version of Padshop • includes 3-band parametric EQ per layer and algorithmic reverb • import WAV and AIF samples up to ten minutes long for advanced sound design projects and custom presets • drag-and-drop sounds recorded in Cubase into Padshop Pro • 50 new presets • retail version includes the Zero Gravity Expansion Pack with 250 new presets
Target Market Synthesists looking for unique, evocative sounds
Analysis Padshop has been one of the most innovative synths to appear recently, but lacked the ability to import samples— until now.

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Privia PX-850

Digital piano


Highlights 88-note tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard for realism and responsiveness • “AiR” sound engine greatly expands waveform memory compared to previous generations • emulates damper resonance and compensates for the hammer’s string-strike speed at different velocities and key ranges • up to 256 notes of polyphony, sympathetic resonance and cabinet simulation • can record 44.1kHz WAV files to USB thumb drive
Target Market Studios, home, worship, acoustic piano alternative/replacement
Analysis The Privia line has always been considered cost-effective, but the newest line raises the standard for sheer sound quality.


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Kronos X
Keyboard workstation
$3,199 street (61 keys)

Highlights Doubles PCM RAM capacity to approximately 2GB • expands SSD capacity to 62GB • contains pre-installed demo versions of Korg’s EXs 10-13 expansion sample series of Kronos Sound Libraries • runs OS 2.0, allowing user Sample Banks for creating high-capacity, custom sample libraries • can expand with second SSD • USB Ethernet support • 73-key model $3,699; 88-key $3,999 (street prices)
Target Market Recording and live performance for keyboard players
Analysis Kronos X provides a logical update to the original Korg Kronos, introduced in early 2011.