New Gear: October 2016

Products from GIK Acoustics, Antelope Audio, Zoom, and more!
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Virtual instrument for Kontakt 5

HIGHLIGHTS 19th-century English pipe organ in a sample-based instrument • pipe lengths from 2' to 16' • a wide variety of stops for the keyboard and pedal board • Four mic setups available: Close, Ambient, Stereo, Outriggers • 10 presets using Spitfire’s eDNA are included • 11.9 GB of uncompressed WAV files • requires the full version of Kontakt 5

TARGET MARKET Composers, performers

ANALYSIS A winning combination of a unique sounding pipe organ captured with a variety of mic placements and treated to clever scripting.


USB MIDI keyboard controller

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HIGHLIGHTS 61- and 49-note controllers with velocity-sensitive keys and 4 velocity curves • 9 faders, 9 MIDI buttons, 8 rotary controllers • lighted touchpads can be assigned to any MIDI Note or CC • Clips and Scenes buttons • transport buttons with full functionality • Mac OS, iOS, Win, and Linux supported • bundled with Bitwig 8-track DAW

TARGET MARKET Keyboardists, composers, producers

ANALYSIS Built-in DAW integration makes these controllers immediately useful with the majority of popular music-software programs.


Audio interface
$199 street

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HIGHLIGHTS 2-channel, USB 2.0 bus-powered audio interface with 24-bit,/96kHz resolution • single mic input with Class A, Audientconsole preamp and phantom power • JFET instrument DI • balanced 1/4" TRS outputs • dual Class A/B headphone outputs • iD ScrollControl mode • Monitor Mix and Monitor Pan features • Mac, Win, iOS compatibility • all-metal construction

TARGET MARKET Musicians, educational facilities, home studios

ANALYSIS Suitable for singer/songwriters and students, whether working at home, at school, or on the road.


U-44 Portable audio/MIDI interface
$199 street

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HIGHLIGHTS 4-in/4-out 24- bit, 96kHz USB interface • 2 phantom powered mic inputs with preamps from the H5 and H6 Handy Recorder • accepts Zoom’s interchangeable mics and input capsules • line and instrument inputs • 1/4" TRS and RCA outputs • standard MIDI I/O • optical and coaxial S/PDIF I/O • iOS compatible • runs on bus power or AA batteries

TARGET MARKET Musicians, field recordists, sound for picture

ANALYSIS As feature rich and portable as a Zoom recorder but configured as a 4-channel interface.


Thunderbolt/USB audio interface

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HIGHLIGHTS 24-bit/192kHz converters • 32 channels via Thunderbolt; 24 via USB • 4 phantom-powered mic inputs • 4 line-level/high-Z instrument inputs • 8 line-level analog outs on Dsub • 2 pairs of balanced monitor outputs • 2 independent stereo headphone outs • 2 mono reamp outputs • FPGA processor for included effects and amplifier simulations • networking control apps available

TARGET MARKET Recording engineers and musicians in the studio or on the road

ANALYSIS Built to provide high I/O density and no-latency effects processing in a desktop format.


Pitch and time effects plug-in

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HIGHLIGHTS Pitch/frequency processing with six modulators including LFOs, sample-and-hold noise, input follower, and Macro knob • dual-channel pitch shifter with stereo linking and quantized or whole-integer semitones • stereo frequency shifter with modulation • ring modulator • stereo delays sync to host tempo • mid-side processing • highpass and lowpass filters • soft clipping • anti-aliasing filter • parallel processing • 14-day demo available • 100 factory presets by Richard Devine and The Crystal Method

TARGET MARKET DJs, producers, remixers

ANALYSIS A powerful set of processing tools at a very reasonable price.



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HIGHLIGHTS Four effects based around the parallel processing style of Grammy-winning engineer Andrew Scheps • Air creates high-frequency resonances based on lower-frequency content • Sub is a sub-harmonic generator with a Frequency control (32-80 Hz) • Bite alters the initial attack of the sound • Thick evens out the lower mids and midrange • controls for input and output level • mono or stereo processing

TARGET MARKET Recording and mix engineers

ANALYSIS Designed to be an easy-touse plug-in for quick and effective tone shaping.


Portable isolation booth

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HIGHLIGHTS Uses 2"-thick, rigid fiberglass to absorb frequencies down to 150 Hz • collapsible wooden panels with cutouts that can be used for diffusion • unfolded height (shown here) is 6.5', with a width of 3' 7" • folds to 4' tall for use around acoustic instruments • custom colors available with GIK Acoustics or Guilford of Maine fabrics

TARGET MARKET Personal and professional recording studios

ANALYSIS An isolation screen that can be utilized for a variety of absorptive and diffusion needs.