New Gear: Sonar X3, iLoud, Mopho SE, More

Hot New Music Production Products
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Sonar X3 Producer
DAW (Windows)
$499 street

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Highlights Professional-quality DAW with 64-bit audio engine and unlimited track and bus count • 23 virtual instruments • ProChannel Tape Emulator • pitch correction, spectrum analysis, and audio-to-MIDI conversion • includes plug-ins from Melodyne, XLN Audio, Nomad Factory, and AAS • Gobbler integration • YouTube export functionality
Target Market Composers, producers, and musicians who create music and sound for picture
Analysis Cakewalk’s top-of -theline digital audio workstation offers an uncompromising set of features that can handle every type of production.

IK Multimedia
Bluetooth-enabled stereo
speaker system

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Highlights Biamped, 4-driver array • 40W RMS rating • 1/4" mono iRig input runs instrumentand mic-level signals to your connected iDevice for processing • stereo 1/8" line-level input • powered by a rechargeable battery or DC charger • built-in DSP
Target Market Singers and instrumentalists who want a portable audio playback system
Analysis An extremely versatile design that not only offers wired or wireless playback, but serves as an interface between you and the apps on y our mobile device.

Dave Smith Instruments
Mopho SE
Analog monosynth
$949 street

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Highlights 44-note semiweighted keyboard with velocity sensitivity and Aftertouch • two oscillators, each with a sub-oscillator • 2- and 4-pole lowpass filter (with resonance in 4-pole mode) • MIDI and USB I/O • expandable using DSI Poly Chain functionality • gated step sequencer • arpeggiator • internal feedback path
Target Market musicians looking for the Mopho sound but with an integrated keyboard
Analysis For people who don’t like using a generic MIDI keyboard to play a synth module, there’s the Mopho SE.

PVM 44 and PVM 50
Dynamic microphones
$89.99 street each

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Highlights The PVM 44’s pattern has a cardioid; the PVM 50 is supercardioid • a Neodymium magnet in each capsule • transformer on the output • frequency response for each is 50Hz to 16kHz • includes mic clip and hard-shell case
Target Market Performing vocalists, studio and live-sound engineers
Analysis Designed for use onstage and in the studio, these rugged mics are affordably priced and can handle a variety of recording and sound reinforcement duties.


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Analog monosynth

Highlights Sub-oscillator • external audio input • step sequencer • envelope-controlled waveshaping • Brute Factor internal feedback path • Ultrasaw and Overtone controls • CV output • analog gate I/O • synchronizable LFO • MIDI and USB ports
Target Market Musicians who want an analog synth offering front-panel controls and real keys while retaining a small footprint
Analysis An inexpensive monophonic instrument with flexible modulation routing and a Steiner-Parker multimode filter that provides vintage tone without sounding like an ARP, Moog, or Oberheim.

Mercury Recording
Equipment Company
G810 Rack
Powered rack for 500 Series modules

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Highlights Powers 10 500 Series modules or 8 modules with the company’s G8 module in slots 9 and 10 • Chain switch for adjacent modules • Link switch for modules that support linking • power-regulation circuit for each slot • steel and aluminum chassis • XLR I/O and DB25 connector • rackmountable • low-noise, external, linear power supply
Target Market Musicians with personal studios; professional engineers
Analysis A rack that was designed to provide enough power to support any configuration of modules.

Waves Audio
Tape saturation plug-in
$249 Native; $375 SoundGrid

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Highlights Developed in association with Abbey Road Studios, it models the characteristics of the historically important and sonically desirable Studer J37 analog 1", 4-track tape machine • includes models of three oxide tape formulas • delay effect with filter controls • parameters for Tape Speed, Bias, Wow, and Flutter
Target Market Engineers and musicians
Analysis This is as close as you’ll get to time travel when you want to add classic British tape timbres to your tracks.

Native Instruments
Maschine Studio
Groove production studio

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Highlights Full-featured USB pad and DAW controller • Two highres color displays • Edit module with jog wheel • Level section • monitors four input sources • Maschine 2.0 software includes new audio engine, updated mixer, 5 drum-synth plug-ins, and sidechaining abilities
Target Market Beat makers and DJs looking for a state-of-the-art production environment
Analysis Combining a major software update with pro-level features in hardware makes this a powerful workstation for composing as well as performing.

Scribble Media
I Dream of Wires: Hardcore Edition
Documentary DVD
$30 (DVD), $35 (Blu-ray)

Highlights The 4-hour cut of a documentary examining the remarkably crazy history of modular synthesis—from Moog and Buchla to its presentday renaissance • dozens of interviews with influential musicians and instrument designers, including plenty of footage from inside their personal studios
Target Market Fans and creators of electronic music
analysis Far more than just gear porn, this film provides an in-depth look at the historical context within which these wonderful instruments were designed and used. Essential.

Moog Music
Line of analog effects pedals
$149–$209 each

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Highlights Five pedals to choose from: drive, boost, tremolo, delay, and ring modulation •1/4" inputs and outputs • true bypass • 1/4" expression pedal/CV input • powered by 9V battery or AC adapter • cast aluminum enclosures • smaller than Moogerfooger • accepts line- and instrument-level signals
Target Market guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, and other instrumentalists
Analysis An inexpensive way to add the Moog sound to your rig without taking up much space on your pedalboard.


Make Music
Finale 2014
Notation software
$600 ($350 academic/ house-of-worship price)

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Highlights A new file format that ensures forward and backward compatibility • redesigned audio engine • new virtual instruments from Garritan • updated icons • snapable palettes and pinch zoom for Mac OS • percussion scoring and playback features
Target Market Composers, arrangers, and performers who want maximum flexibility when creating musical scores
Analysis A full-featured notation program that continues to improve with the addition of features that make scoring quicker and easier than ever.

Microphone X
USB mic
$299 street

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Highlights Cardioid condenser microphone • built-in analog effects include optical compressor and Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom (with level controls) • input gain control • headphone output with level control
Target Market Podcasts, personal studios, and any application that benefits from direct-to-computer connectivity
Analysis A channel strip is useful for processing vocals before the signal hits the A/D converter; the Microphone X has these features onboard.