New Hip Hop Drums from

The sound design team at Bangin-Beats has announced a new library of one shot samples entitled "Bang Theory," covering the Hip Hop, R&B & Urban music genre. Bang Theory consists of 10 sound sets consisting of ruggedly tweaked kick drums, snares, hi hats & percussive one shots like "Pots & Pans" & FX stabs.

Sets like "Soul Clapped", "Scooby Doo" and "Dirty Bomb" highlight the classic Bangin-Beats style of set building; crisp, ugly one shot drum samples peppered with more of their custom percussive FX.

Also featured are category specific sets like "Kick Madness", "Vivia Snares" and "Highz N Lowz", a set dedicated to warm deep bass tones and crispy high hats.

Equipment used in the recording of the samples includes the RCA44BX, the industry proven AKG C414B-ULS, the all but forgotten EV Model 77 Carbon mic and countless others into Groove Tubes, Focusright & Joemeek preamps.

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