New iMono/Poly iOS Synth Puts the Legendary Korg Mono/Poly in the Palm of Your Hand

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Melville, NY – August 23rd, 2017 – Following the release of the widely popular Polysix synthesizer, in 1981 Korg introduced the Mono/Poly—a fat-sounding four-VCO monophonic synthesizer. This unique four-voice synthesizer still remains a sought-after instrument today. To celebrate its historic legacy, Korg has reintroduced iMono/Poly ($19.99), bringing the exact sound of the legendary synth – and more - to any iOS device.

iMono/Poly completely reproduces all of the features of the original Mono/Poly. Four VCOs and a rich array of modulation options provide a deep playground for sound design, and two multi-effects units and eight virtual patches have been added. The iMono/Poly faithfully reproduces the thick sounds the Mono/Poly was known for by using KORG’s proprietary CMT (Component Modeling Technology), which models the electronic components and circuits of the original hardware.

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“Mono/Poly is a personal favorite of mine, so this adaption is really exciting,” said James Sajeva, Director of Technology Brands at Korg USA. “iMono/Poly captures the capabilities of this incredible synth and adds even more power and features making it a unique-sounding music creation tool for everyone.” 

The iMono/Poly has been designed with a screen structure that provides quick and seamless access to all sound-editing features. Kaoss Pad functionality has also been added, providing an interface that takes advantage of the ease and intuitiveness iOS apps are known for. Korg iMono/Poly is available now for download for $19.99.