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Pumpin’ basses and hard-hitting beats from Def Jef, I/O, and Lars Brachmann.
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Beats and Basslines from Def Jef

Def Jef has remixed and produced for the likes of Nas, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Snoop Dogg and Mary J Blige. The multi-talented, pioneer platinum producer and songwriter brings his unique blend of Hip Hop to with some of the most poppin’ beat libraries on the market. His latest offering, “Deuces – Beats and Basslines” ($39) is filled with funktified, vinylistic drums & bass loops, ready to lay the foundation for the next Hip Hop productionEach of the 25 beats in Deuces includes a customized bass loop to go along with Jef's signature drum sounds and programming. In addition to the drum "mix" loop, the solo'd individual parts are included (Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat, etc.). Each loop also contains a drum kit from all of the sounds used in the drum loops, so users can create their own drum beats. All of the loops in Deuces have been "REX'd" so they will seamlessly time-stretch to the tempo of the project at hand.

Vintage Drum Kit Threesome

"Vintage Drum Kits – Rock, Pop, Prog" ($39) is a package of three high-quality and affordable multi-sampled drum kits. The Rock kit has a hard-hitting sound with some serious bite – the snares rattle and the kick drum thumps. The Pop kit has a cleaner sound – crisp and well-defined. The Progressive/Hardcore kit has a lot of punch, with a very snappy kick drum that’s great for double-kick patterns, and snares and cymbals that snap and sizzle.

Dynamics and expression come easily with these kits with up to 7 velocity layers. Each sample in the Vintage Drum Kits series was recorded meticulously in a professional studio using A-class gear to assure the highest quality audio possible.

Dub’n Bass

“Nu Urban Bass Budz” ($29) contains a variety of nu dubstep-synth bass loops ready to roll out the low end. The package includes 52 original bass loops recorded at tempos ranging from 126 to 144 BPM, that automatically time-stretch in Satellite and lock to host tempo. For a producer creating unique musical tracks or for a Selector building a new mashup mix, these loops will be the foundational inspiration. Created by Lars Brachmann with Dub music in mind, the experimenting producer will easily find a home for "UBB" in Techno, Jungle, Dubstep, House, Trip Hop, Crunk, and/or Grime production.

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