New M550 Slick Audio PC is a Mighty Mini Monster

Digital Audio PC Maker Fills a Need and Produces a Small but 'Mighty Mini Monster'
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Digital Audio PC maker fills a need and produces a small but “ Mighty Mini Monster ” with its new audio recording PC, the M550.

Slick Audio, the premier manufacturer of audio recording PC’s for music, video post-production and game audio, has taken recording PC’s to an all new level. “Our Mighty Mini Monster” as CEO Jim Slick called it, the M550 mini Audio PC is a knockout.

The manufacturer creates a line of Windows based PC’s designed to capture and record digital audio for a wide range of applications; from the Professional Music Industry, to Hollywood, Game Design, and PC’s for the home musician. Slick Audio’s mission is to produce the best audio recording PC possible. To simply get the best sound when recording digital audio.

President & CEO Jim Slick is also a professional musician, and has been for more than 30 years, so he lives and breathes audio and works with Slick Audio machines nearly every day. As Jim states, “We are proud to introduce our newest Audio Recording PC; the M550. We call it our “mighty mini monster” because this little PC is so good, it’s scary. The M550 is designed to operate in areas that require a small footprint and absolute quiet operation, like bedrooms, home studios, or tour busses. One of the wildest things about this little machine is that is has two easy-swap drive bays built in, allowing the user to change out a data drive with another one, at will. And, the fact that it is completely fan-less and uses SSD drives also means that it is absolutely dead quiet. It’s simply perfect for tight applications.”

The M550 has a 240GB SSD boot drive, running Windows 10 Pro and a 1TB SSD data drive with 16GB of RAM, twin video out, quad USB 3, Ethernet, and wireless build in. This audio PC can actually be in the very room you’re recording in since it produces no sound at all. That’s right, zero noise. This “Mini Monster” can sneak up on you and surprise you; it provides a lot of computing power and performance in a super small form factor, with the added advantage of zero noise.

For more information about Slick Audio and the high-performance audio recording PC’s that they make, please visit Slick Audio at www.Slick.Audio.

About Slick Audio LLC.
Slick Audio is a custom PC manufacturer headquartered in White Haven, Pennsylvania. It manufactures Windows based Audio Recording PC’s