New Mixing Videos from Recording School Online

Recording School Online has just added a library of videos on the subject of mixing audio. The videos are designed to help beginners as well as more advanced students understand the art of mixing music.

This ten level video collection gets into step by step details on building a mix one track at a time. It demonstrates how to blend tone, understand core instrumentation, design effects, develop production, and build arrangements.

The videos run nearly 3 hours while the viewer learns about the concept of building a cohesive plan and structure to best present a song, musically, tonally and emotionally.

The videos are DVD quality according to the company and cover all aspects of audio mixing including effects, compression, dynamics, levels and how to arrange musical parts so that they will mix together well.

Recording School Online has nearly 100 videos available. Other videos at RSO includes microphone techniques, recording drums, bass, guitar, acoustic instruments as well as detailed descriptions of how to program reverbs, delays, chorus, flange, and equalization. This library of instructional videos is available to all students 24/7.

Access to the site is done by semester. Each semester lasts 3 months and includes access to all programs, videos and teacher assistance that Recording School Online offers. Beyond the video and written libraries, students also benefit from private teacher interaction as relates to each students unique progress in the field of audio recording.

Currently Recording School Online is offering a $100 discount. This enables students to sign up for the 3 month semester (beginner - intermediate) for $295. RSO requires students have at least a basic way to record tracks in order to get the most out of their classes and recommends a high-speed Internet connection for viewing videos.

For more information, visit their web site at