New Mixing, Vocal And Drum Correction Product Services For Music & Postproduction Offered From The Mixingbox At Audiomidi.Com

The mixingbox (, the first-mover to deliver personal product services for music and postproduction, has teamed up with to offer four new exciting mixing services for music and postproduction. The convenient and accessible mixingbox services include: session MIX COMPLETE, session MIX, vocal FIX and drum FIX. Musicians can submit projects created using any of the major DAW applications and receive high quality mixes, vocal correction and drum editing done by professional engineers. Unlike other mixing services, the mixingbox not only delivers a bounced version of the final project/song, but also returns the entire Pro Tools session—including the individual tracks and stems—so that end-users can open the session and learn from the mixingbox experience.

“Many end-users don't even know where to find a professional to help them mix and improve their music,” says Scott Church, co-founder of the mixingbox. “If they do find someone, issues such as schedule and price make working with a producer like buying a car, except even worse—many top-notch engineers won't take on the enduser who may not be at their level. This fear of rejection, plus the hassle of negotiating, is more than many musicians are willing to undergo. When you buy one of our products/services, at a flat-rate for one project/song, you get a team of professionals working to take that project/song to the highest level. Each team member of the mixingbox does what they do best, elevating the quality of the entire project/song.”

The mixingbox accepts projects from most major DAW applications, including Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo/Cubase, Digital Performer, Live and Reason. The entire project is rebuilt in Pro Tools HD—the industry standard for music and postproduction. They work with McDSP and SoundToys plug-ins, which are available in both TDM and RTAS versions so that end-users can open the session on a Pro Tools system and learn from their team of professionals.

About the mixingbox services:

• session MIX COMPLETE is a bundle that includes session MIX, vocal FIX and drum FIX enabling end-users to submit their projects to the mixingbox for professional mixing complete with editing of drum and vocal tracks. $899 MSRP

• session MIX provides end-users with a professional mix of their projects. By using a team of engineers, the mixingbox is able to match the right engineers to the project. $699 MSRP

• vocal FIX affords end-users with the opportunity to have the vocal tracks of their projects meticulously tweaked by correcting intonation, timing and harmony. $249 MSRP

• drum FIX affords end-users with the opportunity to have the drum tracks of their projects carefully tightened by correcting timing and feel, as well as enhancing the sound of the drum kit. $249 MSRP

About the mixingbox

The mixingbox is the first-mover in the music industry to provide personal product services for music and postproduction. Using a team of professional engineers, the mixingbox is able to offer end-users convenient and affordable mixing and production services for taking their projects to the highest level of quality possible.