New Mixvibes Cross DJ 3.3: Track Match & 64-bit

All New Track Match Feature
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New Mixvibes Cross DJ 3.3: Track Match & 64-bit

Mixvibes introduces Cross DJ 3.3, a new version of its Mac/PC software, with huge performance improvements and a new feature to help selecting the next track.

All new Track Match feature

On the right side of the music library, a new pane displays a list of suggested tracks. There are 3 modes: Automatic, History and Manual.

  • Automatic Match: Displays the best tracks to be mixed with the currently playing track. Our algorithm uses a combination of BPM and key compatibility.
  • History Match: Displays the tracks already played with the track currently playing. So you don’t have to note on a random piece of paper the killer combo you just made.
  • Manual Match: If you play 2 tracks that go well together, and want to remember this combination, hit a simple button to ‘match the tracks’. Those matches are kept in memory, and displayed anytime you play one of those tracks. 64-bit version
  • Better overall performance, especially for video mixing
  • Improved stability
  • Better audio quality

Enhanced Collection

  • Sync BPM & Key of tracks in Files, iTunes and SoundCloud tabs based on collection BPM and key.
  • Navigation History: widget in the top­left corner of collection + back/forward commands
  • Exact search, using double­quotes
  • Smarter column sorting, waterfall search 

Other improvements

  • More reactive MIDI control
  • Options: search a MIDI controller by tapping its name

Pricing and availability
49€ / $49 for Cross DJ 3.3
129€ / $129 for Cross 3.3

Free update available for Cross DJ & Cross.

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About Mixvibes
Mixvibes has been developing DJ apps for Mac, PC, iOS and Android for more than 10 years.