New Product From Juice Goose

What if AC line “noise” was actual noise you could hear? What would it sound like? What would it tell you about the quality of the power going to your electronic equipment? Now there’s a way to listen to your AC line and actually hear the “noise”.
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The Juice Goose Power Inspector plugs right into your wall outlet. The high frequency interference riding on your AC power line is converted to a signal that is amplified through a self contained speaker. If there’s high frequency interference on your AC line you can hear it.

The electric power we receive in our homes and businesses should be 120 volts alternating 60 times per second. But, various sources including computer power supplies and light dimmers can inject other high speed electrical impulses that “ride” on that 60 cycle wave. This interference, alternating at thousands or millions of times per second, can affect audio and video reception and presentation, reducing the clarity and contrast of audio and video reproduction through high end speakers or high definition video monitors.

Most laboratory instruments are too sophisticated to use in the field. The Power Inspector is a simple, easy to use tool to determine the presence and possible causes of interference with audio and video equipment.

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