New Rock Drums Loop Collection from AudioWarrior

AudioWarrior has taken the some of the best components from their metal drum loop ReFill "AxeNSkin" and has turned them into Apple Loops, Acid Loops, Rex2 Loops, WAV, and AIFF drum loops. In addition to straight drum loops, there is also a small offering of mixed drum/guitar riffs.

Compatible with samplers such as HALion, Kontakt, GigaSampler, NN-XT, Mach5, EXS24, and host recording applications such as Garageband, Soundtrack, Logic, Logic Express, Steinberg Cubase, Steinberg Nuendo, FLStudio, Sonor, Pro Tools, and more.

Drum grooves, and guitar riff BPMs range from 71 to 222.


  • All 24-bit
  • Single Bass Beats
  • Double Bass Beats
  • Flexible Tempo | Flexible Pitch
  • Quick-Compose Drum Beats, Drum Loops, Drum Fills
  • Odd | Even -Time Signatures
  • Stereo-Mix allows advanced user processing, headroom, and overall control.

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