New Sonia Control Surface from Reflex Audio Systems

Sonia is a compact universal MIDI controller that connects easily to computers, keyboards, and MIDI sound generators using standard MIDI IN/OUT connectors.
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The unit offers 12 soft-touch assignable knobs and 5 buttons that can be set up to send virtual tape transport controls or other MIDI controller messages. For maximum flexibility, each controller can be assigned to an independent MIDI channel. Reflex provides 25 preset memory banks that work instantly with many popular soft synths and recording applications. You can easily configure up to 44 more user memory banks to match the way you work.

Sonia includes a power adapter .


  • 12 assignable soft-touch knobs and 5 assignable buttons
  • 22 programmable memory banks (expanded to 44 in the Sonia 2x)
  • Includes 25 preset memory banks that work instantly with popular soft synths and recording applications
  • Connects to computers, keyboards, sound modules, and effects using standard MIDI In/Out connectors
  • Independent MIDI channel assign for each knob/button
  • High visibility UltraBright LED display for quick programming and memory bank selection
  • Full support of SysEx memory bank dumps to computer
  • MIDI Input with merge function to cascade multiple control units
  • Extremely compact: 8" x 6" x 3" (20cm x 15 cm x 8cm)

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