New Sound Effects Library Captures Spirit of Venice

A new sound effects library featuring the sounds and ambience of Venice, Italy, is now available from Laurel Hill Recordings of Laughlintown, Pa.  This two-DVD set encompasses all that is Venetian, from the bustling morning market to church chimes in the distance.  Audio engineer John M. Miller, owner of Laurel Hill Recordings, spent seven years compiling more than 36 hours of recordings from all over the famed Italian city.

“On my first trip to Venice, I was amazed at the quality of sound in the canal city,” says Miller. On a whim, he brought his DAT deck and rolled two tapes during an afternoon of sightseeing. “With no automobiles, buses or white noise usually found in a city that size, the subtle sounds of the streets were clearly heard on tape,” Miller recalls. “Over the next seven years, I returned to Venice multiple times to record the city’s aural landscape.”

Each cut in the Venice Sound Effects Library features a detailed summary that describes what is heard on that particular track, making it simple to find the right track you need for any project. In addition, Miller has made it even easier to find the perfect cut by making them location-specific. Where applicable, the location of the recordings is referenced, either in the cut description or the file name. For example, if you’re matching a scene shot in Campo San Sylvestro, you now can have the authentic ambience from Campo San Sylvestro. The collection’s electronic index can be sorted by category, file name and ID# to shorten your search time.

John M. Miller is a professional freelance location sound recordist with more than 20 years of experience working in the New York/Philadelphia/Washington D.C. market. His credits include The American Experience (PBS), Nature (PBS), and a number of independent films. He was also the sound recordist for “Tupperware” (2002), a documentary that aired on The American Experience (PBS) and earned a Peabody Award in 2004.

In addition to the Venice Sound Effect Library, Miller has begun to record and collect sound effects from other sites worldwide, including Amsterdam, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Bamberg, Beijing, London, Ireland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Florence, Salzburg, Munich, Omaha Beach, Bruges and the Channel Tunnel.