New Studio Clock 192CX from Mytek Digital

Mytek Digital announced the Studio Clock 192CX, a 1/3 rack wide 1U house clock generator/distributor designed specifically for audio applications.

The Studio Clock 192CX is intended to provide an ultra stable clock source to synchronize all of the digital equipment in a recording studio. The Studio Clock 192CX can generate its own clock based on the stable internal clock generator or redistribute an external wordclock source of your choice. The unit can also be used to synchronize equipment at different but dividable sample rates such as 44.1kHz and 88.2kHz for example in a mastering studio when upsampled signal loop is used for processing.

Studio Clock 192CX Specifications:

  • Sample rates: 44.1, 48k, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz or wordclock 25-200kHz
  • Internal clock jitter: <10picoseconds
  • External Sync.: Wordclock in a 256x Superclock, Can be terminated.
  • Clock Outputs: 6x Wordclock (all BNC outs can be terminated)
  • 1x Wordclock or Wordclock divided by 2
  • 1x Wordclock or Wordclock divided by 2 or 4
  • 1x Digidesign(tm) 256x Superclock
  • 1x Hi-Speed AES/EBU

The Studio Clock 192CX is currently shipping and is in stock at most all Mytek dealers.

For more information, visit their web site at