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New Studio Gear from Avid, AIAIAI, Sony, and More

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Positive Grid
JamUp Pro XT 2.4
iOS multi-effects app
HIGHLIGHTS Virtual amps and effects for electric guitar and bass • share and download artist and user presets • Live View mode • realtime pitch shifting • includes signature metal pack with setups by Ola Englund, Keith Merrow, and Jeff Loomis • stores 128 presets
TARGET MARKET Guitarists and bassists using an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch
ANALYSIS With its built-in phrase sampler and 8-track recorder option, this app is great for practicing, recording, or performing.

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Fast Track Duo
USB/iOS audio interface
$299 street
2-in/2-out audio-only USB interface • Direct Monitor mode • balanced ¼" I/O • frontpanel mic/instrument combo jacks • 48V phantom power • includes USB-to-30-pin cable for iOS • bundled with Pro Tools Express • includes iLok • ASIO and Core Audio compatible
Students, beginners, and intermediate recordists
ANALYSIS Although it eschews S/PDIF and MIDI ports, this interface can be used with an iPad and it is competitively priced considering it comes with Pro Tools Express and an iLok.

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Line 6
Multi-effects processor
HIGHLIGHTS More than 100 stompbox and studio effects • XLR outputs, mic input, MIDI I/O, S/PDIF out, and USB port • James Tyler Variax input • additional expression pedal input • effects send/return • L6 Link connects to StageSource-Series loudspeakers and DT-Series amps
TARGET MARKET Guitarists who want HD-quality effects in a roadworthy pedalboard
ANALYSIS Another example of Line 6’s fully integrated system that allows you to interconnect and control its amps, P.A.s, guitars, and effects.

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The Harvestman
Hertz Donut Mk II
Dual digital VCO for Eurorack
HIGHLIGHTS Two independent digital oscillators • 16-bit, 48kHz resolution • thru-zero frequency modulation • 3-mode wavefolder and pulse-width modulation on primary oscillator • bipolar modulation • internal modulation bus • selectable waveforms for each oscillator • third output is logical XOR of the square wave outputs
TARGET MARKET Modular synth owners looking for a rich sound palette
ANALYSIS In a world of me-too modules, the Harvestman designs products that extend beyond vintage fetishism to give musicians unusually creative tools.

TMA-1 Studio: Young Guru Edition
Stereo headphones
HIGHLIGHTS Engineered by Young Guru • earpads are made from Japanese memory foam • comes with two removable cables, one with a mic and three buttons designed for iOS products • cable locking system
TARGETMARKET Musicians and recording engineers who do a lot of critical listening on headphones
ANALYSIS Lightweight, comfortable, and with drivers that don’t overly hype the sound, the TMA-1 is designed for mixing and editing for long periods of time.

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Tracker MT16

HIGHLIGHTS Eight ¼" line-level inputs (6 mono, 2 stereo) • records multi-track audio as WAV files to SD card • wireless connectivity uploads files to JamHub’s cloud-based BandLab editing and mixing environment • connects to JamHub SoleMix port or insert jacks of a mixer
TARGET MARKET Musicians who want an easy way to record gigs or rehearsals
ANALYSIS It makes perfect sense that JamHub would offer a multitrack recording solution to balance out the company’s product line.

Sound Forge Pro 11 (Win)
Digital audio workstation
HIGHLIGHTS Improved recording interface and waveform display • input bus effects • includes iZotope Nectar, Restore, and Repair plug-ins • CALMcompliant metering • Available as Audio Master Suite, bundled with the Windows version of SpectraLayers Pro 2 for $849.95
TARGET MARKET Broadcast and recording professionals, musicians with a personal studio
ANALYSIS A mature Windows-only DAW that can be used for nearly every pro-audio task. However, the bundle with the newly updated SpectraLayers Pro 2 is a no-brainer.

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GeerFab Acoustics
Acoustic treatment panels
$69.99 street
HIGHLIGHTS Price includes either two 2' x 2' or one 4' x 2' panel • lightweight • 2" thick • 1.65 pcf fiberglass panel covered with acoustically transparent nylon • large corner grommets make these easy to hang vertically or horizontally from ceiling or walls • non-flammable Class A fire rating
TARGET MARKET Personal studios, lesson rooms, rehearsal spaces, traveling engineers
ANALYSIS An inexpensive and highly portable system of acoustic panels for controlling reflections in places where you don’t want permanent installation.

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