NewApple iPods

Mixes to Go

San Francisco’s Moscone Center was the site of Apple’s highly publicized music press event last May, and it did not disappoint. Steve Jobs made headline news by rolling out the new iTunes Music Store. Could this finally be the post-Napster music model that the ailing record industry has been looking for? Considering the million songs that were snapped up during its first week in business, it could very well be.

But that wasn’t all the buzz at the Apple shindig. Jobs also announced that Apple’s iPod has become the most successful portable MP3 player in the world, with sales of over 700,000 units. That number is bound to grow significantly with the debut of three new iPods that are sleeker and sexier: 10GB ($299), 15GB ($399), and 30GB ($499). And, indeed, orders for over 110,000 new iPods poured in during the first week of sales.

Compatible with both Macs and PCs, the new backlit iPods feature solid-state “no moving parts” navigation buttons and wheel, a new dock with audio out for fast connection to your computer or stereo, and more. A 30GB iPod is said to store approximately 7,500 songs. (