NewerTech Announces MiniStack V3

The MiniStack v3 is a powered-hub storage solution with up to 1 TB of storage capacity.
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NewerTech has added the MiniStack v3 "Quad Interface" to its storage solution line. The MiniStack v3 (Mac/Win; starting at $169.99) is a powered-hub with up to 1 TB of storage capacity, with two FireWire 800, one FireWire 400, and three USB 2.0 ports, allowing you to connect many digital accessories at a time.

According to the manufacturer, MiniStack v3 is ideal for data-intensive uses such as audio and video editing, digital photography, MP3 libraries, and high-speed backup. It utilizes the Oxford 924 bridge chipset and an eSATA port to achieve data transfer rates of up to 150 MB per second. Storage capacity of 1 TB allows you to store up to one million JPEGs or 350,000 MP3s.

For more information, visit NewerTech's Web site.