Nine Volt Audio Action Drums: Boom Jinx Breakbeat Edition

Beats, beats, and more beats—both acoustic and electronic drums, with a well-produced, muscular style that allow these to lay a firm foundation for whatever you want to put on top.
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All files except the Apple Loops are organized into “beat suites” with a full mix, full mix without snare, another mix without kick, and loops for individual sounds from the full mix. The individual loops are also organized into folders based on sound (kick, hi-hat, etc.)—ideal for “mix and match” applications, or for choosing, say, a particular kick beat for one of the kick-less beat suite loops.

The Acidization is a disappointment (missing transient markers), but the REX editing is excellent, and extra credit for the Apple Loops: They’re all recorded at 80BPM, because loop aficionados know it’s easier to stretch faster than slower. Also, additional props for including 30 Stylus RMX multi presets.

Stylistically, these have a definite “Euro” vibe with groovacious use of swing, appropriate processing, and lots of attitude—as a result, you can just bring them into a project and your foundation is set. But you can also get creative through the ability to do easy mix and match.

If you like club music with a bit of a hip-hop vibe, these are powerful, beefy loops; there’s not a dud in the bunch, and they’ll get people moving on the dance floor.

Contact: Nine Volt Audio,

Format: DVD-ROM with about 600 loops duplicated in REX2/Stylus RMX/Reason ReFill/Apple Loops/Acidized WAV; 16- and 24-bit/44.1kHz

List price: $79.99 (download or DVD)