Nomad Factory Launches Blue Tubes Bundle V3 And Offers Up To 60% Discount In Hot Group Buy Offer

Nomad Factory today announces the launch of its award winning Blue Tubes Bundle in version 3. This amazing 16 plug-in collection for PC and Mac is now available at $499 for RTAS, AU and VST compatible software. But Nomad Factory want''s to hit very hard with this new bundle... So they decided to partner with DontCrac[k] in order to offer the BTB V3 at a very low introductory price via a hot Group Buy offer. The group Buy allows customers to "group" and purchase any of five proposed plug-in bundles (3 that include the BTB V3) at up to 60% discount during a limited period of time. The idea is very simple: The more signups, the greater the discount.

The Blue Tubes Bundle V3 recreates the warm sound qualities of classic analog hardware. The Blue Tubes Bundle V3 now contains 3 distinct products (also sold separately) that are the "Blue Dynamics Pack", the "Blue Equalizers Pack". and the brand new Blue Tubes Channel Strip called, "Blue Tubes Analog TrackBox". The sound quality of Blue Tubes is nothing short of amazing. Yet all 13 plug-ins provide a simple and functional “vintage-style” interface, as well as very low CPU consumption for lightening-fast processing. Keeping up with the previous versions of top quality audio process plug-ins, the Blue Tubes Bundle V3 has been totally redesigned in order to offer even more great features enhancing your digital sound recordings.

The Blue Tubes Bundle V3 is now available at Nomad Factory at MSRP $499. But it is also included as in extra bonus in three of five Nomad plug-in packs proposed by in its hot Group Buy offer. One of these bundle packs is simply the "Integral Bundle" that is an amazing 33 plug-in package that include the "Blue Tubes Bundle V3", the "Analog Signature Pack", the new "BlueVerb DRV-2080", the "Essential Studio Suite", the "Liquid Bundle II" and the inescapable "Rock Amp Legends."

Sold separately, the MSRP for this bundle is at $1850 but DontCrac[k] targets over 300 customers (buying any of the 5 bundles) pulling the price down to the unbelievable $596 price and over 60% discount! The same discount will apply to the "Studio Pro Bundle" (MSRP $1550 - Target $499), The "Vintage Studio Bundle" (MSRP $965 - Target $359), The "Home Studio Bundle" (MSRP $775 - Target $295), and the nice "Composer Tools Bundle" (MSRP $376 - Target at only $144).

DontCrack is very pleased to offer the first 30% discount assuring all Group buyers, that they will get an incredible deal, what ever happens. The rest is up to each participant's active participation.

The Nomad Factory / DontCrac[k] Group Buy starts at DontCrac[k] on Wednesday November 15 end will end on Friday December 15, 2006.

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