Nomad Factory in association with MoReVoX and Plugivery Distribution has announced the 80’s Spaces plug-in. It is a uniquely designed plug-in that captures the essence of the spatial ambience heard on many of the greatest records of that era.

80's Spaces is an original “80s vibe” plug-in that was initiated by Nomad Factory’s founder Bernie Torelli of Nomad Factory and Eric Nolot, President of Plugivery Distribution, 3 years ago.

80’s Spaces is the most original and creative plug-in ever built by Nomad Factory. It “magically” reproduces the typical reverbs and spaces effect units (that are still expensive today) used in the 80s by legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Duran Duran, Guns N’ Roses, Tears for Fears, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, U2, Eurythmics, George Michael, Phil Collins, Queen, and so many others.

All of the different ambiences that define the characteristic “sound” of the 80s are ready to be exploited with hundreds of finely tuned impulse responses and presets created by Sabino Cannone at MoReVoX. Classic gated reverbs, the lush cavernous and sweeping tails, short rooms and chorused verbs are all here with minimal adjustments required in a user-friendly interface with mix blend, chorus, decay, gate, filter, and a few other parameters at hand.

The “vibe” of the 80’s Spaces is simply perfect!

“The moment I heard it coming back at me, I knew I was back adding reverb to a Bangles vocal. And the chorus and width functions are perfect additions for this decade!" - David Kahne (Producer)

(Paul McCartney, Regina Spektor, The Strokes, Ingrid Michaelson...)


- 380 Presets developed in collaboration with MoReVoX

- Pre Delay

- Chorus

- Width

- Hi/Low Pass Filters

- Dry/Wet Control

- Gate

- Decay

- Parameter Display with intelligent Waveform Overview

80s spaces2


Introductory promo price: $89

MSRP: $199

Regular MAP: $179

80’s Spaces is now available from pro audio resellers and music stores listed at Plugivery:

About Nomad Factory

In 2001, focusing on experience acquired through over 25 years of analog engineering, Bernie Torelli, the founder of Nomad Factory started developing products reminiscent of 60s and 70s technology. As an engineer working at Track Star Studios in San Diego, California, Bernie quickly replaced the studio's standard plug-ins with his own.

A host of top notch player's passing through could not help but notice the amazing sound quality, combined with user friendly features. After being asked over and over if these products were available on the market, in mid-2002 Nomad Factory became an official company selling plug-ins on the internet. Since his passing in January 2016 Plugivery has completed his projects and gone on to introduce new plug-ins to carry on the proud tradition of the Nomad Factory excellence for audio software products.

About Plugivery

Plugivery is a B2B (business to business) distribution service whose purpose is to introduce audio software products into hundreds of music stores all around the world carefully considering every need of a truly professional distribution service based on electronic delivery. The name Plugivery comes from the combination of the words "Plug-in" and "Delivery.”

About Sabino Cannone (MoReVoX)

Sound Designer Sabino Cannone, started his career with Trillium Lane Labs (developers of the TLSpace Factory IRs library), and then he founded MoReVoX. He is also a development partner and consultant for companies; WaveMachine Labs, Native Instruments, FXpansion, SPL, Trillium Lane Labs/AVID, Overloud, Mark Bass/Parsek.

As a Multiplatinum Sound Engineer (14 Platinum Discs), Sab has worked with David Kahne, Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, Jessie J, James McCartney, Ingrid Michaelson, Cibo Matto, Kate Davis, Tiromancino, Kye Kye, and many others to name a few…

MoReVoX sound designing appears in several blockbuster movies and international productions through engineers, artists and producers like: Peter Gabriel, Michael Brauer (ColdPlay, John Mayer), Joe Barresi (Tools, Queens of the stone age…), Andy Kravitz (Sting, John Lennon…), David Kahne (Paul McCatney, Regina Spektor) Joe Paterno (Robbie Williams), Tony Mangurian (U2, D.Lanois), NRG Studio Hollywood (Evanescence, LinkinPark).