Nord Introduces Nord C2 Combo Organ

Nord has introduced the Nord C2 Combo Organ, featuring a baroque pipe organ and more.
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Nord has introduced the Nord C2 Combo Organ, the follow-up to its predecessor, the C1.

The Nord C2 features a baroque pipe organ with 21 stops distributed across the Swell (9 stops) manual, the Great (9 stops) manual, and the bass section (3 stops). The instrument offers an enhanced keyboard with a firmer action; improved output routing capabilities; monitor input that allows you to plug in an MP3 or CD player to the C2; percussion, vibrato, and chorus controls in the “classic position"; adjustable click; a Drawbar Preview function; and more.

The C2 also features the classical sounds of the tonewheel, Vox Continental, and Farfisa Compact Deluxe; tube-style overdrive, rotating speaker simulation, delay, reverb, and 3-band EQ effects; and two additional bass register drawbars with selectable timbre from either vintage tonewheels or a synth bass. Control the bass with any MIDI-enabled bass pedalboard, or by splitting the lower manual.

Optional add-on accessories for the combo organ are the Pedal Keys 27, and the Aluminum Stand. The Pedal Keys 27 is a 27-key MIDI pedalboard with an integrated Swell pedal and a sturdy aluminum chassis. Lightweight and sturdy, the Aluminum Stand provides room for a large set of pedals underneath the organ.

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