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Discrete Drums Earthbeat Session:

Windows users: if you're not hearing audio when using the "Tropical Sun PT-Live" file in conjunction with the "Tropical Sun Live set" for Ableton Live, do the following:

1) Open "Pro Tools PT-Live" file in Pro Tools.

2) If the "Ableton Live" plug-ins are inactive (italicized) in the Mix window's inserts, reselect them for each channel (Click on the insert arrows, then select > Plug-in > Instrument > Ableton Live. On the stereo channels, select: Multi-Channel Plug-in > Instrument > Ableton Live .) Make sure to save your changes.

3) Open Ableton Live with the file "Tropical Sun Live set." Live should launch as a ReWire slave (if it doesn't, relaunch it.). You should now be able to play the Pro Tools session and hear the audio from Live.