NOTION Now Shipping Sessions: Rhythm Section and Expanded Mallets 1 Sound Kits

NOTION Music, makers of NOTION® music composition and performance software, is now shipping Sessions: Rhythm Section, their first sound kit featuring pop, rock, R&B and jazz sounds as well as Expanded Mallets 1 Sound Expansion Kit. The company also announces Solo Strings 1, the newest addition to a rapidly expanding sound kit library for NOTION products.

Now shipping, "Sessions: Rhythm Section" supplements NOTION's traditional orchestral library with the sounds of a contemporary rhythm section, featuring bass and drum set samples performed by Victor and Roy Wooten at Dark Horse Studios in Nashville and electric guitar samples performed by Vernon Reid at Electric Lady Studios in New York City. The drum set includes various techniques for 6-piece drum set and a broad variety of techniques and dynamics are included for electric bass and electric guitar. Upright bass, Fender Rhodes™ electric piano, and Hohner Clavinet™ are also included.

“Expanded Mallets 1” adds marimba, vibraphone, crotales and chimes to the NOTION sound library. Techniques included are strikes and rolls from a 5-octave marimba, strikes on chimes and strikes on crotales. Vibraphone has strikes and rolls with motor off, slow motor speed, fast motor speed and pedal up.

Solo Strings 1, due out in the spring of 2007, will add solo violin, viola, cello, and bass to the stock London Symphony Orchestra sounds in NOTION. Each recorded performance will include legato, staccato, pizzicato, accent, half-step trill, and whole-step trill articulations as well as multiple samples to interpret dynamics, slurs, and other articulations used within NOTION.

The violin played on Solo Strings 1 is a 1698 Antonius Stradivarius on loan from the Royal Academy of Music and played by Carmine Lauri, co-leader of the London Symphony Orchestra. The viola is a late 16th century Antonio Brenzi played by Edward Vanderspar, principal viola player of the London Symphony Orchestra. The cello is by Matteo Gofriller, made in Venice circa 1710, played by Moray Welsh, principal cellist of the London Symphony Orchestra. The double bass is an 1840s Thomas Kennedy “flat back” from Oxford Street in London, played by Colin Paris, co-principal double bassist of the London Symphony Orchestra.

NOTION is designed for students, composers and musicians on all levels as a tool for composition, learning, practice, and live performance. It combines a full-featured music notation system with interpretive algorithms linked to a proprietary playback engine that offers samples of thou¬sands of individual notes and articulations played by the London Symphony Orchestra and recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

Pricing and Availability

Sound Kits for NOTION are available for $29-$89 each at

About NOTION Music

NOTION Music is an award-winning software company with a mission to support composers, musicians, educators, and students in the advancement of music in all its forms and applications. Founded in 1998 as VirtuosoWorks, Inc., the company created NOTION music composition and performance software, incorporating its passion, vast musical knowledge, advanced programming, and the sounds of the London Symphony Orchestra recorded at Abbey Road Studios.