Novation Collaborates with Isotonik and Releases LaunchSync

A Free Solution for Syncing Devices in Ableton
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Sync Your Controllers

We've collaborated with Isotonik to provide a free solution for syncing devices in Ableton.

When you’re playing from an expansive session view, it can be tricky keeping your controllers lined up to the same tracks. It’s especially awkward if you don’t have a visual indicator of whereabouts in the session view they are.

At best, it’s frustrating. At worst, you can wind up launching or tweaking the wrong clip! That’s why we’ve been working with Isotonik Studios, designing a solution in Max for Live. It’s dead simple: we call it Launchsync – and it’s free!

Basically, it synchronises your Launch devices and lets you bank them both around session view together. That way, you can keep them locked to the same tracks, so you know you’re mixing the same tracks that you’re launching, and so on.

Download it here for free 

You can even synchronise two Launchpads and know that if you move around your set on one, the other will move too. Of course, you don’t have to synchronise them to exactly the same place: You can position one controller above, below, left or right of the other – they’ll stay locked together as they move around.

But enough of our words; this video will show you why we are really excited about this (courtesy of Ableton Live Expert):

It doesn’t just work with Launch products, either. It’ll also synchronise Push, APC 40 and Livid Base.