Novation’s monthly Beats and Bytes Facebook Livestream returns today, June 21, 2018, at 4:00PM PST featuring the highly portable Launch Control XL MIDI controller with specific Ableton Live integration.


Every Beats and Bytes sessions features a Novation product expert breaking down the most relevant and newest features of a piece of Novation gear and also taking questions from the live audience. 

b+b launch control xl

For this particular Beats and Bytes session on the Launch Control XL ($149), you’ll learn how it integrates with Ableton Live, how to use its software Editor to customize its functions, and its options for hardware connectivity. 

If you attend the session live on Facebook, you can ask any questions you have. 

Catch the Launch Control XL Beats and Bytes Facebook Livestream on June 21 2018, at 4pm PST with the following schedule: 


Introduction to Launch Control XL (4:00 - 4:05) 

Ableton Integration (4:05 - 4:10)

The Editor (4:10 - 4:15)

Hardware Connectivity (4:15 - 4:20)

Q and A (4:20 - 4:25)

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