Novation Updates the Circuit Firmware to v1.5 with Requested Features

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As part of it continuing effort to grace the Circuit beatbox with new capabilities, Novation has updated the Circuit firmware to v.1.5, including three key new additions based on common customer feedback.

These new features are not only meant to please customers but also to make the Circuit feel even more creative.

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•Fractional Gate – The gate length for a note no longer has to equal one step; it can be shorter or longer. With six times the resolution you can add expressivity to your tracks like never before on Circuit.

•Synth Patch Preview – This now lets you audition synth patches in a similar way to the Drum Preview. You can listen to synth patches directly from the selection view: poly patches play the root, third and fifth notes of the current scale and key, while mono patches play the root note.

•MIDI CC Send and Receive – This means MIDI CC data can be turned on or off to prevent any unwanted parameter changes.

The improved gate functionality of Circuit 1.5 enables staccato steps to be programmed per-step and increases variance in melody creation. That makes it a great choice as a sequencer to drive a modular system, in addition to its two built-in synth engines (six-voice) sampler.

With the MIDI CC Send and Receive, if for example you’re using Circuit 1.5 with the upcoming Novation Circuit Mono Station, which also has MIDI CC Send and Receive, you can choose what MIDI information is shared between both devices.

The firmware is available via Components and Components Standalone on Mac or PC.