Novation's "Finish Something" Videos

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Novation released a series of videos today to get you into the mindset of finishing some music. Everyone works differently, but it’s hard to imagine any electronic musician who hasn’t struggled at some point with starting a bunch of ideas without ever finishing any, or working on one piece of music ad infinitum without knowing when it’s done.

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The first Finish Something video is a slickly produced piece focusing on artists such as Floating Points, The Album Leaf, MJ Cole, Om Unit, Astronautica and others. They muse on the esoteric topic of finishing music: when you know it’s finished, how to help finish music, the struggle with imperfection, etc.

Not only is the video insightful, but it’s also a bit comforting to know that everyone seems to share the same concerns: that the process may never be exactly the same twice, that nothing is ever perfect and that doubt creeps in for almost everybody.

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Some common themes include the importance of deadlines, focus & dedication and the all-important process of listening to the bounced music in the car. Another message is to not despair. If you don’t finish something, it’s okay; maybe you never will, or maybe you’ll come back to it much later.

Floating Points - “It just clicks. It was very sudden. I was like, ‘I just finished an album.’”
The Album Leaf - “Maybe it’s just not that good; maybe you should move on.”
Om Unit - “Nothing is ever perfect. Sometimes they finish themselves.”
Astronautica - “You feel it when it’s done.”
The Makerz - “It’s wonderful when you have a deadline.”

The more goal-oriented Finish Something 1-7 series zeroes in much closer on Novation gear, but will be useful to any users of hardware synths, sequencers, controllers and Ableton Live. Their setup includes a Novation Circuit synth/sequencer, Launchpad Pro controller, Bass Station Pro synth, MiniNova synth and Ableton Live.

In several steps, the videos show you how to record audio and pre-sequenced MIDI into Ableton Live tracks and clip slots, create variations on those clips, slice a sample to transients in Ableton Live, arranging, mixing, and more.

Novation’s Finish Something part 1-7
Turn your ideas into finished songs.