NuGen Audio has released their ‘Stereo Pack’ bundle for OSX and Windows (VST/AU)

This bundle includes NuGen Audio’s Stereoizer, Monofilter and Stereoplacer plugins allowing the user to analyse, enhance control and fine tune audio with a high degree of precision.

Suggested applications:

  • Re-adusting the stereo image of individual sounds
  • Stereo differential spectral analysis
  • Adding stereo depth to mono source files
  • Widening/narrowing existing stereo images
  • Improving bass definition
  • Re-focusing bass frequencies where stereo FX have been used
  • Correcting problems in sounds sampled from vinyl
  • Correcting phase issues
  • Making frequency splits
  • Re-mastering old recordings
  • Preparing for mastering to vinyl
  • Tightening smeared stereo imaging
  • Handling live recordings and instruments
  • ‘Psychoacoustic panning’ of bass sounds

Originally available for Windows, the Stereo Pack is now also available for Mac OS X in VST and Audio Units format costing $99 (saving $38 on individual product pricing) and demo versions are available.


OS: Windows / OSX

Format: VST/AU Effect

Copy Protection:
License Code

$99 (free demo)

Availability: Now