NuGen Audio releases Stereoplacer public beta

NuGen Audio has released a public Beta version of Stereoplacer in both Mac OS X VST/AU and Windows VST formats, featuring an updated GUI and several control enhancements.

Feedback to is most welcome, particularly as this will be the first release for Stereoplacer in OSX compatible formats.

Stereoplacer is designed to allow frequency specific stereo positioning. Tuned using the same principles as a parametric EQ, these frequencies can then be ‘captured’ and re-positioned in the stereo spectrum.

New features:

  • New GUI
  • Dedicated Bypass control
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • A/B memories
  • A/B memory recall
  • Integrated peak-hold level meter
  • Level margin
  • Numeric parameter readouts
  • Direct numerical parameter entry
  • Additional channel strip added

OS: Windows / OSX
Format: VST/AU Effect
Version Number: 2.3b
Availability: Now