NuGen Audio updates Stereo Pack (Monofilter, Stereoplacer and Stereoizer) and freeware line-up

NuGen Audio has updated Monofilter, Stereoizer and Stereoplacer (also available collectively as the Stereo Pack bundle) and their freeware utility line-up.
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This free update includes performance optimisations under OSX (AU and VST) and for Vista 64 bit and is recommended for all users.


OS: Windows / OSX

Format: VST/AU Effect

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Line-up - none

Monofilter $59
Stereoizer $39
Stereoplacer $39
Stereo Pack Bundle (all three plugins) $99
Line-up $free
(Free demos are available)

Version Number:
Monofilter 3.2
Stereoizer 2.6
Stereoplacer 2.3
Line-up 2.2

Availability: Now