Numark Controller Backpack Now Available

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Numark, the world’s leading manufacturer of DJ technology, announces that the Numark Controller Backpack, a heavy-duty padded controller case is now shipping to retailers.

The Numark Controller Backpack has everything a DJ needs to protect their controller when they’re on the move. It’s made of heavy-duty canvas that will hold up to the elements and protect a controller between gigs. Soft internal fabric and thick, resilient cushioning cradle the controller, providing a shield of protection. The Numark Controller Backpack’s lid is reinforced with hard plastic and has an extra layer of egg crate-style padding that keeps gentle pressure on the controller when the lid is closed. Two strong Velcro straps provide an extra measure of security, holding the controller firmly in place.

The Numark Controller Backpack offers a variety of carrying options: an adjustable shoulder strap, comfortable carrying handles or tuck-away backpack straps. A large external pocket is easily accessible to store and retrieve accessories.

The Numark Controller Backpack is the perfect way to transport many of Numark’s leading DJ controllers, including NS6, 4TRAK, N4 and iDJ Pro.

“Our company is full of DJs, so we know what it’s like to lug around equipment,” said Chris Roman, Numark Product Manager. “Getting to the gig and setting up can be half the battle — the Numark Controller Backpack makes transporting your controller much easier, and way more comfortable.”

The Numark Controller Backpack is now available with and MSRP of $149 and an estimated street price of $95.