Obedia Launches "Tech-in-A-Box"

Obedia, the company that provides 24/7 technical support and training for digital technology-based musicians and engineers, has released an innovative new product – the aptly named “Tech-in-a-Box.”

“Tech-in-a-Box” gives digital media artists the opportunity to create their own Obedia account, and then use the hotline to dial directly into Obedia’s premier team of technical experts, and receive a guaranteed response time of 10 minutes or less.

The package consists of a “Tips & Tricks” reference card for both Mac and Windows users, plus a phone card with its unique direct dial hotline number. The phone card is credit card-sized and fits neatly into a wallet or purse so whether you are on the road, or in your clients studio, you have handy access to your account at all times.

Tech-in-a-Box comes in two formats, 60 minutes and 140 minutes, and both offer significant savings over standard rates. Each card can be recharged anytime with extra minutes at the same great savings, by simply calling the hotline and quoting your account number. The first time you recharge you also get an extra ten minutes free.

For more information visit www.obedia.com.