Odd Nosdam, T.I.M.E. Soundtrack (Anticon.)

Next time you're gonna go pull some serious backside 540s in the half-pipe, use this gem from Odd Nosdam as your soundtrack.

A beat style for every board style
Right from the start of “Zone Coaster,” it''s easy to imagine eloquently spinning, slow-motion skateboards and ruggedly graceful landings in perfect synch with this latest collection of Odd Nosdam tracks. Created to soundtrack the Element Skateboards film This Is My Element, the spliced together hip-hop beats were inspired by the board styles on display from the featured skaters they back. Many sounds get showcased, but the overriding mood is subdued and confident. Fourteen-year-old prodigy Nyjah Huston is the influence for “Top Rank,” and he''s paired with a complex grower built from bits of dub, laid-back guitar and eastern instrumentation. There''s a back-roads vibe to the Brent Atchley–matching “Fly Mode,” while “Cop Crush” accurately goes heavy and ominous for Bam Margera. Aggressive moments like the seek-and-destroy rhythm of the Chad Muska–matched “Trunk Bomb” are countered by the disarmingly ethereal “Root Bark” composed for Mike Barker and “One for Dallas,” his mischievously charming pairing for Levi Brown. The languid tempos come prestretched and tight with enough measured intensity to make even a long, hard fall look slowed down and elegant. [3.5 out of 5 stars]