Online-Mastering launches innovative audio mastering website, the internet centric audio mastering studio service, presents the next step in connecting musicians and record labels with their high-end mastering facilities in Germany via a unique website interface, guiding their clients all the way through the process of getting their music mastered online.

The main idea behind the concept was to deliver a convincing experience of quality and customer satisfaction, making audio mastering via internet more convenient, more secure and also more fun to use. The companies sophisticated system offers browser based audio upload via ftp to a personalized account, complete order tracking via internet and easy communication between the clients and the responsible mastering engineers.

Furthermore, new customers get a free mastering demo of one of their own songs to get an idea of how their music will benefit from professional audio mastering – before making any payment. just charges competitive flat rates per track. The prices are all-inclusive. All additional mixes e.g. edits, cuts and instrumentals are included (as long as the mixes match the original sound-wise) as well as the delivery in different target formats.

Customers have the option to pay via credit card or PayPal in the currency of their choice to get instant access to their masters after all work is done.

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