Option-Click: Easily Trigger Sound Bites Online or Onstage

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I hacked Delicious Play Tagger so it can trigger MP3s without an Internet connection. I enlarged the buttons as well.

To present MP3s online, I've come to love Delicious Play Tagger (free). You simply insert one line of code in your Web page, and a little play/stop button magically appears next to each MP3 link. You can grab the code from the URL above; there's also a “bookmarklet” version that adds the button to other sites you visit. It's a great way to browse songs and samples.

I thought Play Tagger would be ideal for triggering sound effects in a theater but discovered it only works online. (For security reasons, Web browsers disable its call to the remote Flash file if you try to run it locally.) So I downloaded the component files and modified them to work locally. Now making a custom soundboard is as easy as typing up some MP3 links. You can download my examples here. (For more about David Battino's work, visit batmosphere.com.)