Option-Click: One App to Read Them All

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GoodReader can display and play dozens of kinds of media files on the iPhone, as well as transfer them via e-mail, Wi-Fi, Web or USB.

I often consult product manuals on the go, so I wanted a good PDF reader for the iPhone/iPod touch platform. I'd also been searching for an application that could easily load, organize and trigger sound bites. Good.iWare GoodReader (goodiware.com, $4.99) does both and more. It handles PDFs as large as 500 MB, even word-wrapping the text so you can pump up the size and read without scrolling sideways. It handles JPEGs, Microsoft Office documents and HTML. It even includes a Web browser so you can download files directly. I spiced up my Sound Bites folder with some movie dialog from dailywav.com.

GoodReader plays WAV, AIFF, MP3 and 13 other audio/video formats. The latency is too high for rhythmic triggering, but fine for backgrounds and effects. And the ability to move, rename and group your files in folders makes using them easy. — David Battino,Batmosphere.com